Hair Füror Maybe Wants To Testify Under Oath?

Hair Füror’s strategy of not testifying and K-Mac’s brilliant move to pull all of his own Republican nominations off the committee has really paid-off well, so Lord Damp Nut TRUTH’ed this at the beginning of the hearings this AM:


…and one lone spitball sailed across the internet:

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14 Responses to Hair Füror Maybe Wants To Testify Under Oath?

  1. *FelineMama* says:

    You give me MY wish, we give YOU YOURS !!! FAIR ?!?!?
    What ??!?!?!!?

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  2. Pssst: someone tell him venerated GOP Saint Ronnie of the Ray Guns killed the Fairness Doctrine.

    Too bad. So sad. Loser Loser No Chicken Dinner for you!

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  3. Martin Pollard says:

    “You are in a position to demand nothing, sir.” – Khan Noonien Singh, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

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  4. Czippie L'Shimpe says:

    Equal time? Yes, let’s do equal time. You shut the fuck up for about 6 years while the adults talk.

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  5. Jimmy T says:

    Kinda miss the concept of the dungeon (heavy on the dung part). But twenty to life would suffice…

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  6. roket says:

    Might I suggest a fundraiser?

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  7. osirisopto says:

    The J6 select committee would be happy to oblige. I’ll gladly hold the chair for his fat ass.

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  8. ema nymton says:

    Absolutely! Be sworn-in under oath, sit down, and be questioned by the committee (you know, like Ms Clinton)!

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    • beckymaenot says:

      Can you imagine? TFG can’t even sit for an interviewer who asks not even tough questions. What would they do if he stood up and tried to walk out like the pouty little bitch he is? Can we let Hillary do some of the questioning?

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  9. paul fredine says:

    i’m wondering what exactly he could say that we haven’t heard hundreds of times before in multiple rants and why he thinks the committee would let him get away with anything. they’ve got the receipts/power and he doesn’t.

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