Please Forgive Us For Interrupting Your Weekend…

…as you peruse your Faulkner shelf for a little light weekend reading (will it be Absalom! Absalom! or perchance The Sound and the Fury? List the pros and cons, says I!), but we would be remiss if we did not alert you that our pal Burr Deming has posted his best-of-the-web links complete with wry commentary at the essential blog Fair and Unbalanced.

We will of course keep this post on top and fresher posts —if any!— will be below.

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2 Responses to Please Forgive Us For Interrupting Your Weekend…

  1. *FelineMama* says:

    In this pic, I can’t remember exactly when, I swear, I had a pair of shoes similiar to this dude’s. Large round button like things. Sorta pointy. A one -1-1/2 inch heel. At about, or, below ankle.
    No, I am NOT reliving my Pilgrim/Mayflower days.
    Man, give a girl, er, Old Lady a break !!


  2. CalicoJack says:

    Bah! “As I Lay Dying!” Obv!


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