But His Emails! (The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity)

January 2021, at the 4th Reich White House…

Just in time for the committee’s public hearings, which begins tonight! –

A federal judge Tuesday ordered John Eastman — the attorney who developed former President Donald Trump’s last-ditch strategy to overturn the election — to disclose a batch of 159 sensitive documents to the Jan. 6 select committee, including another email that the judge said presented evidence of a likely crime.

In one of the emails, according to Judge David Carter, an unnamed attorney advised the coup plotters not to test their so-called “January 6 strategy” in court, because they’d likely lose, and thus “tank” the coup plot they ultimately pursued:

The single email that Carter said pertained to a potential crime was an exchange on Dec. 22, 2020, in which an unidentified attorney encouraged Trump’s legal team not to pursue a case in court related to the Jan. 6 session of Congress.

“Because the attorney concluded that a negative court ruling would ‘tank the January 6 strategy,’ he encouraged the legal team to avoid the courts,” Carter indicated.

“This email cemented the direction of the January 6 plan,” Carter continued. “The Trump legal team chose not to seek recourse in court — instead, they forged ahead with a political campaign to disrupt the electoral count. Lawyers are free not to bring cases; they are not free to evade judicial review to overturn a democratic election. Accordingly, this portion of the email is subject to the crime-fraud exception and must be disclosed.”

I’m not sure what defines a smoking gun, but this sure looks like one to me: the Stupid Coup was planned and vetted.

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4 Responses to But His Emails! (The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity)

  1. R White says:

    Are they (the committee) going to expose and question as to why a ratf*cker like roger stone met with members of The Proud Boys at a downtown DC hotel the night before? Why an incompetent loudmouth republican representative named Mo Brooks felt the need to wear a bulletproof Kevlar vest during the event? Will it be made public that closeted republican lyndsey graham made multiple calls and emails to the GA Secretary of State to find 11k votes in favor of fat nixon?

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    • roket says:

      My 8-Ball tells me that it is highly likely that they will talk about stuff they know we know. I’m more interested in the stuff they know we don’t know. h/t Ratfkr Rumsfeld.

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  2. How many quatloos on Eastman actually obeying the judge? That’s not a bet I’d take…

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  3. CMSpruill says:

    “Whatsamatteryou? Stoopids. Flush the damn emails down the terlet,” the Orange Freak sez !

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