Tuesday is a big primary day…

Horse Race Reporting: Comin’ round the bend…

…in California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota. our pals over at Electoral-Vote have the racing forum setup.

Also at E-V, they have an interesting post up on how the election-deniers are running to run elections. This is a story we’ve touched on before, but if this group does win their assorted primary races, they could be in charge of not just the mechanics of voting, but also the actual counting of votes.

Some names to look out for if you live in these states:

  • Rachel Hamm, who is running for SoS in California
  • Tina Peters, who is running for SoS in Colorado
  • Audrey Trujillo, who is running for SOS in New Mexico
  • Kristina Karamo, who is (?) running for SOS in Michigan
  • Jim Marchant, who is running for SOS in Nevada
  • Mark Finchem, who is running for SOS in Arizona

It’s not an exaggeration to say that if all of them eventually win in the 2022 Pie Fight, free and fair elections in these states is over, and frankly, free and fair national elections will be pretty much over, too.

Fight these people with everything you got. It would be great if they lose their primaries, but many of those states are Red and if they win the primary then they will win the general election.

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4 Responses to Tuesday is a big primary day…

  1. laura says:

    Rachel Hamm should get pasted by the fantastic Dr. Shirley Weber in the CA SoS election. Dr. Weber gets it right and keeps it tight and we were ecstatic to vote for her and encourage all our friends and loved ones to do so too.

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  2. schmice3 says:

    Where is the 50 State Strategy? This is too important to let the corporatists and timid Democrats let it slide. “We Shall fight them in the streets…. “you know what I mean? This isn’t a fucking game. This is no time for mental masturbation on whether a candidate meets the perfection level. At this point, even the enemy of my fucking enemy is my friend. There will be no tomorrow if we don’t take a firm stand now. Organize NOW for the general election in November. Register people and get them to the voting booths. Let the right-wingers see masses lined up to vote their bigoted asses out.


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