Orange Hate Goblin Hopping Mad At Ayn Rand’s Greatest Fan

Noted zombie-eyed granny starver, former Speaker of the House / current member of Fox News Board of Directors Paul Ryan is not Hair Füror’s favorite Republican any more:

On Saturday, Trump took to his Truth Social platform to call Ryan a “pathetic loser” and a “weak RINO” – Republican in Name Only.

“Did anyone notice that Fox News went lame (bad!) when weak RINO Paul Ryan, who is despised in the Great State of Wisconsin for being ‘a pathetic loser,’ went on the Fox Board,” Trump said

“That’s why our Country is going to HELL – Elections have consequences. Get Ryan off your Board and report the News as it should be reported. And stop taking negative ads from the perverts, and others!!!”

The perverts being the My Pillow Guy, I guess?

H/T Scissorhead D-Cap

So what triggered the short-fingered Vulgarian to post something to TRUTH Social?

On Wednesday, Ryan praised Rep. Tom Rice for voting to impeach Trump while campaigning for the congressman in South Carolina.

“There were a lot of people who wanted to vote like Tom but who just didn’t have the guts to do it,” Ryan said.

Dissent is not allowed in authoritarian regimes.

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3 Responses to Orange Hate Goblin Hopping Mad At Ayn Rand’s Greatest Fan

  1. roket says:

    TFG should be careful what he wishes for. I double-dog dare FAUX to start reporting news like it should be and stop taking negative ads from perverts

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    I long for the day that TFG is treated as just another old man yelling at the clouds. Our national nightmare, the idea that he ever has anything of value to say, needs to end.

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  3. Richard Portman says:

    Funny My Pillow meme. I guess sometimes memes really do say it best.

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