The Stupid Coup: They Put It In Writing Edition

Hey guys, remember a while back when obvious crook and Hair Füror attorney John Eastman was trying to claim that all of his records were subject to client-attorney privilege and U.S. District Court Judge David Carter said, “N’uh-uh” not if there was a crime being committed and ordered the relevant documents be turned over to the Jan. 6 Committee?

It seems likely that someone committed a crime!

The Jan. 6 select committee last week publicly released a long-hidden memo that a federal judge previously determined was evidence of “likely” felonies by Donald Trump and attorney John Eastman.

The document: It’s a Dec. 13, 2020, email from a little-known attorney who had been advising Donald Trump’s legal team, Kenneth Chesebro. He sent it to Rudy Giuliani, sketching out a plan for then-Vice President Mike Pence to halt the certification of Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6, 2021. He dubbed it the “‘President of the Senate’ strategy.”

Pro-Tip: Never put your super-evil criminal plans in writing.

The plan offered by Chesebro depended on the existence of competing slates of presidential electors in a handful of states where Biden won the popular vote. In fact, just a day after Chesebro sent his memo to Giuliani, pro-Trump activists gathered in several state capitals and signed documents falsely claiming to be the true presidential electors from their states.

Then, Chesebro’s strategy required Pence to “firmly take the position that “he, and he alone, is charged with the constitutional responsibility not just to open the votes, but to count them—including making judgments about what to do if there are conflicting votes.”

[Announcer’s Voice]: He put it in writing.

  • Jan 3-5: Chesebro suggested that members of the Senate hold hearings in the days before the Jan. 6 session. In particular, he wanted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), then chair of the Judiciary Committee, to focus on Pence’s power to count electoral votes. A Graham spokesman emphasized that he held no hearings on this subject at the time. His office has declined to say whether any of Trump’s lawyers approached him about the plan.
  • Jan. 6: Chesebro suggested that Pence should immediately recuse from running the electoral vote count, citing a “conflict of interest” and hand the gavel to Sen. Chuck Grassley or another senior Republican senator. Then, that senator would lead the count but refuse to accept any electors in the states Trump was contesting. Instead, the senator would contend that if those states wanted to be counted, they had to rerun their elections, engage in more litigation or have their legislatures appoint new electors.
  • Post-Jan. 6: Here Chesebro essentially suggests to let the chips fall. The Supreme Court might step in and overrule the Trump gambit or sidestep it by declaring it “nonjusticiable.” But he said even trying and failing would be a worthy attempt and could resolve in unpredictable ways, such as the selection of Pence as president.

You may recall Grassley decided to not be there when they were counting the votes. Weird, that, innit?

So what’s next?

Eastman said in his court filing Tuesday that the document could not possibly be the basis for a criminal act. He noted that neither he nor Trump authored or received the Dec. 13 email and that Chesebro explicitly said the goal was simply more investigation and attention, not necessarily to reverse the outcome.


The select committee’s view: The trafficking by Trump allies in these theories prove they planned to repeatedly violate the Electoral Count Act to impose their fringe interpretation of the law and keep Trump in power, House counsel Doug Letter wrote in last week’s filing. Chesebro was also behind arguments for Trump allies to send “competing” slates of electors to Congress, creating the very controversy those allies said was necessary for Pence to assert control.

I believe that the public hearings are going to be lit.

  • Prime-time hearings begin at 8pm ET on the 9th and the 23rd
  • In between, the panel will hold 10am ET hearings on the 13th, 15th, 16th and 21st
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4 Responses to The Stupid Coup: They Put It In Writing Edition

  1. roket says:

    For those republicans who believe in both siderism, thank you for the instructions. For those Democrats who believe in both siderism, imagine if you will what the reaction would be from the right if we tried to pull this off. Our cold civil war would get hot pretty quickly.

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  2. A Graham spokesman emphasized that he held no hearings on this subject at the time. His office has declined to say whether any of Trump’s lawyers approached him about the plan.

    Narrator: The Senator was up to his neck in the planning; Trumps lawyers practically had cots in his office.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    So, let me get this straight. The coffee boy was attempting to overthrow the government and install Pence as “president for life?”

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  4. spotthedog says:

    I’m LOL at “conflict of interest”, GQPers only willing to go there when its absolutely clearly and completely in their interest to cite a conflict of interest. Yep, light ’em up, time to give TFG & Co the ratings he so craves.

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