‘The Year of the Angry Mom’

GOP’s Policy on Women

The things I do for you guys, honestly. I sometimes read Upchuck’s morning email thingie so you don’t, ingrates. Anyway this insight isn’t from him (d’uh) but from one of his guests:

And it raises the question: Instead of constantly playing defense, why isn’t the White House going on offense?

Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher proposes one place where Biden and Democrats can take the fight to Republicans, rather than the other way around.

Make the upcoming elections about “the angry mom” — on issues like gun violence and abortion.

If this is not the year of the angry mom, I don’t know what’s going to be the year of the angry mom, right?” Belcher said on “Meet the Press” last Sunday.

He continued, “I think there’s an opportunity for Democrats — if Democrats make this election about anything except what’s happening in our schools, and what’s happening, sort of, these mass shootings, and a woman’s right to take care of her body.”

When your traditional plays are failing to score points — whether it’s on the economy, immigration, or the legislative effort formerly known as “Build Back Better” — it’s time to draw up some new plays.

And speaking of new plays and “the angry mom,” check out this new ad by Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia’s gubernatorial race.

“For years, Brian Kemp has taken Georgia backwards. He put us backwards on guns and law enforcement — and made it easier for criminals to carry guns in public. He rolled back women’s rights, vowing to make abortion a crime with 10 years in prison,” the Abrams ad goes.

Take the cues from the Youngkin campaign in Virginia and swing for women voters, moms in particular.

It’s not that Chuck Todd is right (and he almost never is, even though a blind pig finds an acorn now and then) but America’s women are under attack, so give them some real reasons to vote for Team Good and not for Team Evil. It isn’t the lie of CRT, it is the reality that the GOP is at their cervix and killing their kids; Republicans are blocking gun safety laws, and cheering on the rise of dystopian handmaiden futures for their daughters. Democrats are not.


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  1. This was the constituency that got us the House back in 2018. Jaysus, this ain’t fucking rocket science, folks of the DNC!!!

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  2. annieasksyou says:

    I keep saying to anyone who’ll listen that we need to build a coalition of the energized angry constituencies (often overlapping) re: guns, abortion, structural racism, climate change, health care, court reform, etc, etc,—all determined to expand House and Senate majorities with candidates who’ll work with us. Then maybe we can get rid of the damn filibuster and get lots of stuff done.


  3. Make it about the angry PARENT. All these issues affect all Americans, of all sexes & genders. The Dems have always been the party of the big tent, they should really run on these issues. ISSUES, not identities.


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