Reported Sighting of Mythical Creature

Live action shot of US AG Merrick Garland

US Attorney General Merrick Garland gave a commencement address:

“You are the next generation that must devote yourselves to preserving our democracy and helping others protect theirs,” Garland said. “And although what I am asking of you is daunting, I know that you are the next generation that will fulfill the promise this country represents. I know that our democracy will be stronger by the time it is your turn to pass the baton.”

…then saw his shadow and returned to the DOJ where we will have six more months of inaction.

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18 Responses to Reported Sighting of Mythical Creature

  1. spotthedog says:

    My fear is the “baton” will turn out to be one of Heidi’s much-used dildos (callback!).

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    He had to rush back to his cryogenic pod because you can only survive for so long on those emergency revival drugs.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    How dare they trot him out for this, when he has refused to do his job. I hate even seeing him at this point.


  4. Jimmy T says:

    None of us know the status of any investigation, but he went after the unabomber, and there were no leaks after the Okrahoma building was blown to pieces. Those who know him say that he is capable and well positioned to deal with the current threat to our country, and will do so accordingly when the investigation is complete. I’m not gonna dis him, but yeah our patience is wearing thin…

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    • Nelson says:

      I go back and forth between hope and despair when it comes to Garland.

      I keep reminding myself he convicted the Oklahoma bomber… but then again, that bomber didn’t have any friends in high political places.

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  5. Laura says:

    Come at the king, best kill the king.
    I’m willing to trust him, and Lisa Monaco to quietly investigate, to prepare and to indict, arrest and try the motherfuckers. Unpopular opinion it may be, but I’ve never been popular so there’s that.

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  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I’m hoping that the real fireworks begin in time to affect the midterms. Garland is a sober, methodical fellow, but I hope his timing is spectacular.

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, that’s my hope, too. But I have my doubts.



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      • Czippie l`Shimpe says:

        It’s too late, the window has slammed shut. Any indictments now will be seen as political, and will mobilize the right. There isn’t time for prosecutions to begin (and thus never will), so no matter how damning the evidence, it won’t get the time of day in the media.

        They absolutely did not have to let this happen. They have allowed democracy to die in their hands.

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      • w3ski4me says:

        I hit like for your comment, but I hate the way that turned out. Garland has been worse than useless in having run out the clock on prosecutions. I had little confidence in that whole 3-dimensional chess idea and now it is just too late. Damn them all for that. I love Joe but Eff if he didn’t put Galand up there and let him do nothing. I am pissed at all of them for this screwup in justice.

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      • It’s too late, the window has slammed shut. Any indictments now will be seen as political, and will mobilize the right.

        No. Any indictments EVER would be trumpeted as ‘political’ and would mobilize the right; there are no magic words that will fool the right wing into cooperating. Haul their asses into court try and convict them.

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  7. gruaud says:

    Remember how excited everyone was over the pending Mueller Report?

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  8. Nelson says:

    The Jan. 6 hearings begin in June. This should make for some interesting TV.


  9. Stony Pillow says:

    Well, shall we prosecute. / Yes, let’s prosecute/ (He does nothing).”


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