Ah, Texas!

I did not realize that funny guy Gabe Sanchez was working with the Meidas Touch brothers. This is pretty great stuff:

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  1. The framing (as everywhere, with extremely rare exceptions) is wrong. Republicans do not want power. They want to lock Democrats out of power. It is not the same thing. They are anarchists.
    They do not want there to be any such thing as power, because power carries the threat of accountability. Underlying all of this is an infantile rejection of accountability in any form, partly fogged by the pseudo-philosophical notion that a homogeneous community would have no need of “government”.

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  2. MDavis says:

    In the video, at about 56 seconds in, is that the same family from a few posts ago, the one with all the guns? Might have even been the same day, with that kid wearing red, but the had a sort of mandala of hardware instead of the whole hot mess laid out on the deck.


  3. IbnBob says:

    Actually, arming teachers is a REALLY GOOD idea. School board meetings and collective bargaining woyld take on a whole nother dimension….


  4. Redhand says:

    An entire community, and the Nation of which it is a part, has paid yet another terrible price to expose the fucking lie that is “a good guy with a gun.” This entire police force should be fired, and the department should be rebuilt from the ground up, unless “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown Texas.

    There is no power on earth that could persuade me to live in Texas. None.

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