Guns! Guns! Guns!

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Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) email thingie Wins The Morning talking about the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas:

THE NEW GUN-RIGHTS ADVOCATE DEFENSE: CONSPIRACY THEORIES — We all know the GOP’s well-worn retorts to calls for additional gun restrictions: People kill people, not guns. Mental health was the real problem, etc.

But at the annual NRA conference in Houston, a new defense emerged — one rooted in conspiracy theory: that the left somehow wanted — or even shepherded — Texas’ latest tragedy that left 19 elementary school kids and two adults dead, seeking to push an agenda and try to steal law-abiding citizens’ guns.

At least that’s the top takeaway from our colleague David Siders, who attended the pro-gun rights confab Friday, interviewed a bunch of attendees and found a surprising amount of pushback not rooted in reality. Here’s a sampling:

— “Why did it happen three days ago?” asked JIM HOLLIS, a lifetime NRA benefactor from St. Louis. “I’m not sure that there are not forces someplace that somehow find troubled people and nurture and develop them and push them for their own agendas.”

— “This is all propaganda,” said ANA CHAMBERS, who attended with her husband, pointing to the TV cameras and protests calling for gun control. “They’ll use anything to make us look bad.”

— “It’s straight out of a playbook,” another told Siders. Full story here,and NYT’s Glenn Thrush has a similar takeaway in his own storyabout the conference

There was a time when comments like this would have been considered rare — and completely unacceptable by people in both parties. But in recent years, the explosion of conspiracy theories on the right have changed that expectation. So too has the prevalence of QAnon in some GOP circles.

Meanwhile …  

A TALE OF TWO PRESIDENTS — President JOE BIDEN and the first lady are traveling to Uvalde, Texas, on Sunday to meet with the grieving families of the victims. This follows Biden’s meeting with the next of kin to those who were murdered in the Buffalo shooting earlier this month.

Then, there’s the man who might challenge him for the presidency in 2024: former president DONALD TRUMP, who doubled down on gun rights at the NRA’s meeting Friday — at a politically precarious moment that gun rights supporters won’t forget.

ICYMI: Trump called for a moment of silence for the victims and read out each of their names, before accusing the left, including Biden, of wanting to take away gun rights. The former president, who privately wanted to pass gun control measures while in office(everyone should read Michael Bender’s Friday NYT story about this), also called for making it easier to commit mentally ill people to institutions and for school security systems to be better armed. He even taunted Texas GOP politicians — Gov. GREG ABBOTT, Sen. JOHN CORNYN and Rep. DAN CRENSHAW — who pulled out of in-person appearances at the NRA conference in recent days, albeit not by name. Jonathan Allen and Allan Smith have more for NBC

COULD THIS AFFECT HILL NEGOTIATIONS? — There’s no doubt that Trump’s endorsement power has waned, but could his words shaming anyone looking at gun restrictions chill fledgling bipartisan talks on Capitol Hill? We’ll soon find out. These talks already face a serious uphill climb, coming just months before the midterms.

It is completely mind-blowing to me that the NRA held the convention in Texas…

…with all the usual liars


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6 Responses to Guns! Guns! Guns!

  1. Stony Pillow says:

    Catch an R in a lie, and they double down. That’s walking into a trap.

    This election is an opportunity to be a game-changer like 1974, when they all walked over a cliff for Tricky Dick. We can decide to push them towards that cliff. Or we can let them win again.

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  2. glitterbug says:

    Arm the teachers!
    So kid smuggles in a fungo bat metal detectors won’t see. Comes late and locks door.
    Teacher is writing on the blackboard.
    Kid whacks him upside the head, takes his gun and shoots him, then starts on the class.
    What a great plan!

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    I saw the clip of Trump doing his version of a dance number earlier today. And this was immediately after he read the names of the children who were murdered in the latest mass killing. So after a solemn moment he felt the need to dance? What kind of sick bastard does that? Ok, don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question. We know that Trump (like Gollum’s precious obsession) only cares about his money pile. I’ve not yet heard him refer to it as “my precious,” but his money pile has always defined him. Maybe Letitia James will take it away from him. I’m not sure Merrick Garland will…

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    • Dancing on their metaphorical graves.

      You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if that greasy fuck was still President, he’d find the one MAGA relative of a dead kid and do a photo op with them; the Orange Twatwaffle grinning ear-to-ear sticking up his stubby thumb for the camera.

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  4. Ked Tekada says:

    If I were a Uvalde parent I would smack Trump in his greasy face, “keep my child name out of your mouth.” (Thank you Will Smith, now I understand.)

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  5. roket says:

    TFG has his eyes locked on one of his followers in the crowd. He’s just simply putting on a show for one of his worshipers. All those present are insane and could care less about victims.

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