Meanwhile, in Michigan…

Guys, five of the ten GOP candidates for Michigan governor (and by my calculations, that means, uh, about half of the candidates) may be eliminated from the primary ballot after the state’s Bureau of Elections found that their campaigns filed thousands of forged signatures.

Thirty-six petition circulators — campaign workers hired to collect signatures — “submitted fraudulent petition sheets consisting entirely of invalid signatures,” according to the Bureau. In all, according to the Bureau’s report Monday, these circulators submitted at least 68,000 invalid signatures across nominating petitions for 10 candidates.

MPS World HQ’s staff mathematician says that subtracting the fake signatures, five candidates fall short of the 15,000 valid signatures necessary to qualify for the primary ballot. Oopsie!

So who benefits from this colossal eff -up? Tudor Dixon, who says that Donald Trump won Michigan in the 2020 Goat Rodeo. In a weird coinkydink, Tudor got the much-coveted endorsement of Betsy DeVos’ family on Monday. Weird how that happened, innit?

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5 Responses to Meanwhile, in Michigan…

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    As far as I can determine, the only semi-serious challenger to That Woman From Michigan (and this is based solely on name recognition) was former Detroit police chief James Craig, and he’s one of the ones smack dab in the middle of this scandal. I expect that Whitmer will be reelected to a second term, maybe not by a landslide, but she’ll get another term (and that’ll be it, since MI governors are limited to two terms).

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  2. roket says:

    Oops. Michigan’s republican corruption is showing. May we assume that all republican petition signature gatherers are all members of a Ponzi scheme? Oh hell yes.

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  3. skinnydennis says:

    Wait a sec… you mean if I use a false name signing a campaign petition, and also get my friends, and they get their friends, to do the same, we can derail a rethug candidate?
    Would that it be true.

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  4. I wonder why these companies that have shown they use fraudulent signatures and file false statements saying they are real are not banned from gathering any more signatures for anything. They lied to get their candidates on ballots, why are they allowed to do it again and again. But it should be shouted out again and forever, the right claims election fraud is happening because they are the ones doing it! Hugs


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