He Seems Nice

Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Theme Song?

I guess black women don’t count?

“About a third of our population is African American; African Americans have a higher incidence of maternal mortality. So, if you correct our population for race, we’re [Louisiana] not as much of an outlier as it’dotherwise [sic] appear,” Sen. Bill Cassidy said in an interview with POLITICO for the Harvard Chan School of Public Health series Public Health on the Brink. “Now, I say that not to minimize the issue but to focus the issue as to where it would be. For whatever reason, people of color have a higher incidence of maternal mortality.”

“If we corrected for race, there are hardly any lynchings either,” Cassidy did not add.

(In case it was not obvious, Sen. Cassidy is a forced-birther.)

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2 Responses to He Seems Nice

  1. spotthedog says:

    “Correct our population for race”, wow, really, isn’t that what the Buffalo shooter had in mind?!

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  2. roket says:

    He wants to ban abortions in order to even out the maternal mortality rate. Right?

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