One Lump of Stupid or Two, Marco?


Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio, the Cold Warrior for a New Generation, and beloved grandson figure of Wingnuts over the age of 73 and under the age of death:

Supply and Demand, how do they work?

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4 Responses to One Lump of Stupid or Two, Marco?

  1. spotthedog says:

    He must’ve asked Lauren Boboert “What should I tweet?”?

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  2. E.A. Blair says:

    Republican Supply & Demand: I DEMAND that you SUPPLY me with money!

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  3. MDavis says:

    Did he miss the part where the restrictions on imports from Canada were allegedly lifted? Or was that fake news?

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  4. roket says:

    That remarco is going to leave a marco, Marco

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