Today Is The Super Tuesday of Primaries

Horse Race Reporting: Comin’ round the bend…

Guys, today 5 states are holding their primaries and so our Failed Political Press is already having a day at the races. I understand someone at MSNBC has dusted of Steve Kornacki and lubricated his joints, many of which appear to be double.

Anyway, voters in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania will go to the polls today to choose candidates to run in in the general election November. Some of these races are more interesting than others and then there’s Pennsylvania in which Dr. Oz —a teevee huckster from New Jersey— seemingly is in the lead against David McCormick —a millionaire hedge funder from Connecticut— and Kathy Barnette —the home-grown MAGAt who participated in the Stupid Coup marching to the Capitol with the Proud Boy—  is surging. The Trafalgar Group has a new poll out, and according to them, Mehmet Oz is at 29%, Kathy Barnette is at 27%, and David McCormick is down to 22%.

Also in Pennsylvania, it is certain Doug Mastriano —another Stupid Coup participant— will be the Republican nominee for governor. So in Pennsylvania the GOP will be nominating at least one insurrectionist and possibly two.

And I can hardly wait to see how the Democrats blow this one, should it come to pass.

So for these reasons and more we need to watch how Pennsylvania goes tonight.

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3 Responses to Today Is The Super Tuesday of Primaries

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Voted last week via mail in ballot. Didn’t vote for even one Rethuglican…

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    • ali redford says:

      🤗 (And I’m not a hugger at all.)


    • Richard Portman says:

      First they shut down all the the local voting places . I was naive enough to think oh well we can still vote at the city office or at the library, but they shut that down. Not secure. Then they said we can vote by mail. I liked that system. But they lost a vote, and oh they are not happy. Now they want to stop voting by mail because they don’t like to hear what we are telling them.


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