The Loud Dog Whistle

“I heard you!”

One of the hallmarks of our era is the way that being polite is more important than being accurate, and so is of interest to us that suddenly public figures are choosing accuracy. Gone are the days of My Friend From XYZ and now it’s Elise Stefanik The Fascist From NY. (And make no mistake, she really is espousing fascism.)

Following the horrifying mass shooting in Buffalo, the WaPo thought it was important to note that Stefanik, the third-ranking House Republican, had echoed the “great replacement” rhetoric:

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), the No. 3 House Republican, and other GOP lawmakers came under scrutiny Sunday for previously echoing the racist “great replacement” theory that apparently inspired an 18-year-old who allegedly killed 10 people while targeting Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo.

Darth Cheney’s evil spawn was more polite than the WaPo, but still plenty pointed that K-Mac needs to do sumpin’ about sumpin’:

Adam Kinzinger is out of eff’s to give and calls his friend from NY out by name:

Stefanik, of course fights back: it’s not a replacement, it’s an invasion:


Saint Ronnie’s 11th Commandment that no Republican shall speak ill of any other Republican seems quaint in the moment, and I’m sure his grave spinning is making Nancy ‘Jaws’ Reagan’s work more difficult. But I digest…

The time has come to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation: The Republican Party is the Problem. The Republican Party is a fascist party from top to bottom and with the SCOTUS bolted on to boot. There is no time to be polite, but it is past time to be accurate.

The GOP agitprop is killing people, we’re just six months from an election where Republicans and their racist Replacement Theory are likely to take over the apparatus of Congress. What Liz Cheney said, above, is correct: this will not end well.

We don’t have time to be polite. But we do have time to get organized and vote them out of office from top to bottom. This is our Prime Directive now.

UPDATE 1: I just can’t –

White House says it won’t criticize by name those spreading ‘replacement theory’

It’s the fucking when they go low bullshit all over again. Name and shame them all.

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7 Responses to The Loud Dog Whistle

  1. w3ski4me says:

    It seems that want it or not, we are all involved in a New Civil War. It hasn’t gone to openly shooting at each other but we already have battles going on. Way too bad that our Federal Government is not up to the task of taking charge and is so heavily influenced by the dissidents as well. I fear for our Union. We need a new General Sherman.

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    • Jimmy T says:

      The mass murder in Buffalo is evidence that the shooting war has already started. It may not be widespread as yet, but with Faux Snooze and OAN and GQP officials and others pushing the “white replacement” propaganda and encouraging violence it will get worse. As much as it pains me to say it, I recognize the reality that the GQP is the party of fascism, and is a danger to America…

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    • It seems that want it or not, we are all involved in a New Civil War.

      Sadly that’s the way civil wars tend to go.

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  2. Reblogged this on Scottie's Playtime and commented:

    Very well said TG. It is time for the Democrats and the non-right wing media to stop playing nice and acting like it would be the worst break in decorum to clearly say what is going on and who is doing it. While the Democrats are trying to pretend they are in a PG prime time sitcom with little kids watching, the Republicans are out for blood taking people’s rights away, rigging elections, stopping people from voting, and calling anyone that disagrees with them a pedophiles and child sexual groomers. It makes no sense and makes the Democrats look not only out of touch with reality, but that they don’t care if they win or not. Democrats like Pelosi saying on nation TV interviews that we need a strong Republican party, and she wants a strong republican party repeatedly while stumbling over her words due to the attempts to hide her true age, and Chuck Schumer who cannot seem to understand or use the power of Senate Majority Leader, is doubling as a sleeping aid or someone’s old grandfather forgotten at the family reunion talking to the air around him about the good old days. These way past the time they retire fossils are in danger of letting their egos and their desire for corporate campaign contributions of causing the country to fall to the rabid hateful authoritarian right that wants to regress the country back to either the 1850s or the 1600s depending on which SCOTUS judge they love the most. Hugs

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