Bad Marketing, Cont.

I cannot believe that SoyBlo did that, and yet it totally scans.

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  1. Richard Portman says:

    This is wrong. It is disrespectful. I respected that man. I’m sorry he ever tried to be president. He did the best he could. But then these dog-hyena Republicans found him useful as a face to use .
    Trump called him a loser. Do you remember that?

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    • Being from Arizona, and around for the start and end of his entire political career, I never really understood the reverence everyone held him in. Yes, he withstood horrible torture and pain, honorably, as a POW in Vietnam; but he came home, married into wealth (he punted Wife #1 within months ater returning, and married Cindy’s wealth, whose Daddy was the largest Anhauser Busch distributor in the state)

      His carefully cultivated persona of ‘Maverick’ was just that, a persona; he was a reliable evil, venal Republican vote 99.9% of the time; he just knew how to schmooze the worthless political press.

      He won Barry Goldwater’s former Senate seat, and promptly shat the office with his role in the Keating 5, which honestly, should have been the end of all their political careers.

      Like a typical Republican, it was only when something was affecting him that he noticed what same bad things happened to other people; dying of brain cancer, he gave his famous thumbs down on killing Obamacare. I give him credit for that, though, late as it was.

      And he inflicted Sarah Palin on the country, that was unforgivable.

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  2. “Do you know who my father is???”


  3. ming says:

    WTF is wrong with that woman? Can her soul be that small?


  4. Her dad would not only have approved but, had the roles been reversed, he’d have done the same (if not, similar) thing. So, she did him proud. I don’t like her and her father left me disappointed but, that said, I can kind of see why she thought this (book promotion at her father’s grave) was fitting.


  5. I never had any respect for him. He picked Sarah Palin! That says everything about the man.


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