Area Attorney Puts Coup Plan In Writing, What Could Go Wrong?

The Stupid Coup

Hey guys, remember that time when federal Judge David Carter said that then-Prznint Stupid and his henchman, er, attorney John Eastman “most likely” committed felonies when they tried to overturn the results of the 2020 Goat Rodeo? “The illegality of the plan was obvious,” he said.

Wait till he gets a load of this:

Attorney John Eastman urged Republican legislators in Pennsylvania to retabulate the state’s popular vote — and throw out tens of thousands of absentee ballots — in order to show Donald Trump with a lead, according to newly unearthed emails sent in December 2020, as Trump pressured GOP lawmakers to subvert his defeat.


This recalculation, he posited in an exchange with one GOP state lawmaker, “would help provide some cover” for Republicans to replace Joe Biden’s electors from the state with a slate of pro-Trump electors, part of a last-ditch bid to overturn the election results.

Per the exchange, Eastman suggested that GOP legislators could simply cite their concerns with Pennsylvania’s absentee ballot procedures and then use historical data to “discount each candidates’ totals by a prorated amount based on the absentee percentage those candidates otherwise received.”

“Having done that math, you’d be left with a significant Trump lead that would bolster the argument for the Legislature adopting a slate of Trump electors — perfectly within your authority to do anyway, but now bolstered by the untainted popular vote,” Eastman wrote in a Dec. 4, 2020 email to Pennsylvania Rep. Russ Diamond. “That would help provide some cover.”

…The exchange was part of a batch of emails obtained from the University of Colorado, where Eastman worked as a visiting professor at the time he was helping Trump strategize ways to remain in power. The emails were obtained via public records requests by the Colorado Ethics Institute, which sent them along to the Jan. 6 select committee last month. It’s unclear whether the select committee had previously obtained these emails — which are available via public records requests — or whether they are in receipt of the Colorado group’s files.

Eastman did not reply to Tiger Beat’s request for comments. Weird, innit, ’cause he sure seems to like to confess to his criming.

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  1. spotthedog says:

    At what point does a smoking gun get cited for violation of air pollution regs?

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  2. roket says:

    How is it possible for these idiots to reach such lofty positions? I have several .edu email addresses in my address book. Not a single one of them would discuss politics from a .edu email address. Not even an email about their political opinion let alone how to subvert the voting process.

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