The Stupid Coup, Part Infinity

H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D

Sometimes those Agatha Christie books are spot-on:

Donald Trump’s top election-subversion wingmen have stonewalled the Jan. 6 select committee for months, but investigators have found a reliable workaround: their deputies and assistants.

Time and again, the panel has managed to pierce the secrecy of Trump’s inner circle by turning to the aides entrusted with carrying out logistics for their bosses, according to interviews with lawmakers and newly public committee records.

So Lord Damp Nut, instead of twigging through all the logistics turned it over to the Little People, and the Little People are singing?

A major source of that information is [Cassidy Hutchinson, a close adviser to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, and Ken Klukowski, who advised former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark], who was Meadows’ assistant during the chaotic final months of the Trump presidency. Hutchinson’s testimony, which spans hundreds of pages across two interviews in February and March, figured prominently in recent court filings lodged by the committee…

Hutchinson’s testimony offered granular details about numerous meetings and phone calls that Meadows convened to discuss options for preventing Joe Biden from taking office. She identified a long list of Republican members of Congress who participated in those meetings — several of whom have themselves refused to cooperate with the investigation.

In addition, Hutchinson described pushback from the White House counsel’s office to legal theories pushed by lawmakers and Trump allies on how to thwart election results, and she was able to identify when many key figures met with Trump himself.

“Almost all, if not all, meetings Mr. Trump had, I had insight on,” Hutchinson told the committee.

Lord Damp Nut, long-ago trained by Roy Cohn to never leave a paper trail famously does not use email, but his underlings sure did!

As Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.) put it, “the beauty of emails and meetings is that not many of them are principal to principal. Many of them include staff.”

In addition to providing evidence of what Trump’s key allies were doing in the weeks before Jan. 6, lesser-known aides have also helped the select committee reconstruct a minute-by-minute account of what occurred in the White House on the day of the riot, while a pro-Trump mob ransacked the Capitol. Even in instances where those staffers weren’t providing direct testimony about their own bosses, they were witnesses to important encounters and caught glimpses of Trump or overheard other communications that have proven valuable.

It’s a key plot point in a lot of British murder mysteries: the aristocrats never see their servants, who see everything.

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  1. roket says:

    I’m guessing by now TFG is lamenting the ending of the old Egyptian Pharaoh’s practice of sealing all their underlings in a tomb when their term expires. He probably thought about it though.


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