2022: We’re All In This Battle

The Republicans are being more transparent than usual that they are the party that is taking away your rights, what with Rick Scott’s 11-point plan to Make America Feudal Again. It’s not only the #RepublicanAbortionBan, they’ve got something to hurt EVERYONE.

PoliticsGirl has sumpin’ to say about that:

[Hat tip: Scissorhead M Davis]

The Republican Agenda as we know it today in words and deeds:

  • Ban Abortion, and charge the doctor and patient with homicide
  • Ban/burn books
  • Stop teaching history
  • Bully LGBTQ kids
  • Lock-up parents of LGBTQ kids
  • Raise taxes on working people (a literal poor tax)
  • End Medicare
  • End Social Security
  • Commit crimes to hold onto power to do all the above

Get out there and make some good trouble this weekend.

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14 Responses to 2022: We’re All In This Battle

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It’s mind-boggling that they believe a full-spectrum assault on the electorate is a winning strategy. The really appalling part is that MSM complicity and voter suppression might allow them to pull it off.

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    • genelms says:

      And never forget the stupidity and/or animosity of republican voter.

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      • Richard Portman says:

        Make the liberals cry. That is the plan they have. They are gonna miss us when we are gone. No more highways and roads, no more schools, no more clinics, no more food, no more anything. They are destructive! No more Blacks, no more Mexicans, no more Indians! No more gays! No more anything!

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    • Well, it’s a winning strategy for them, see Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a 50-50 state that the Republicans have gerrymandered into what is a essentially a permanent supermajority in the legislature. SCOTUS just burned the corpse of the VRA by shadow docket granting the Republicans in WI an injunction against the Wisconsin State Court approved redistricting plan that created two more majority Black districts.

      How do democracies die? Slowly, slowly then all at once.

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    “I aim to misbehave.” – Mal Reynolds, Serenity

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  3. MDavis says:

    Pretty sure the Qultists who hear about this plan to gut Medicare and Social Security are convinced it won’t apply to them.
    Propaganda and gaslighting have taken their toll.

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  4. Redhand says:

    A spot-on listing of GQP priorities.

    This is not the Nation I grew up in.

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  5. roket says:

    Do you think it might be possible that the demonstrations outnumber the number of anti-abortion block parties? I mean like the anti-abortionists will be out celebrating this weekend, right?

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  6. R White says:

    Due to the recent debilitating effects of chronic kidney disease, I am unfortunately forced to leave the friendly liberal confines of the Windy City of Chicago for the savage, dystopian landscape of Alabamistan.

    As long as I have breath in my lungs, I will not go away quietly nor will I allow my fellow apathetic and ignorant citizens who favor discussion of football and bbq instead of politics or religion, allow a chosen group of morally bankrupt representatives to help create a dismal xtian theocracy.

    A Handmaid’s Tale was never meant to be a documentary.

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    • tengrain says:

      R White –

      I’m sorry to learn you are leaving Big Shoulders for lamma-bamma-ding dong, but on the bright side we now have someone behind the lines to report to us what is going on.

      (We’re also sorry for the reason you are heading out. I hope you have a lot more cantankerous years ahead of you.)

      When do you go?

      Best regards,


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      • R White says:

        Thx for asking.

        Looks like July. That’s when my insurance flips and Medicare becomes my primary after 33 mos. of peritoneal at-home dialysis. A lot easier to scrounge up 15 – 20% of private coverage within our savage public/private Healthcare.


      • tengrain says:

        Third world standards at first world prices. We are totally eff’ed in the dark.




      • MDavis says:

        Have been for a while.


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