Reminder: Always Punch The Nazis

They are already planning Phase 2: Brown Vs. Board of Education

I repeat: the Roberts Court is completely illegitimate. Our pals at Electoral-Vote get the last word on Roberts (emphasis mine):

If you thought our assessment of Collins, or possibly McConnell was… frank, you might want to buckle your seatbelt before you keep reading. John Roberts has made a farce of his high position, and can now be safely ranked among the 2-3 worst Chief Justices in history. Mind you, this assessment has nothing to do with our feelings about his personal political leanings. In part, our judgment is about the leak itself, which speaks to the low regard that one or more members of the Court’s inner circle have for his leadership. In part, it is about the Chief’s carefully-cultivated reputation for allegedly calling balls and strikes. Is there anyone in the entire country who thinks that Roberts’ decisions are governed, first and foremost, by the law? From where we sit, it looks like “protecting the reputation of the Court” is foremost, and “my own personal political agenda” is second, with the law a distant third. Maybe those first two are reversed, we’re open to being persuaded on that point. In any event, in trying so hard to demonstrate to everyone that he’s about the balls and strikes, Roberts has caused everyone to notice that he is most certainly not about the balls and strikes at all. So, he’s utterly failed in his primary objective. When he’s all done, they’re going to have to make sure to hang his memorial portrait right next to that of Roger Taney.

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3 Responses to Reminder: Always Punch The Nazis

  1. MDavis says:

    “From where we sit, it looks like “protecting the reputation of the Court” is foremost, and “my own personal political agenda” is second, …”
    My take is that the only reason he cares about the reputation of the court is in order to implement his own personal agenda, so First and Second are a tie for first.

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  2. roket says:

    Hard to believe the vast amounts of ‘worst of’ types conservatives are producing these days. Where is that f’ing Event Horizon when you need one?

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  3. Batman 54 says:

    Roger Taney has always been his role model.

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