Meanwhile, in Ohio

Peter Thiel and Hair Füror’s joint custody ownership of Hillbilly Effigy JD/JP Mandel/Vance, the Yalie investment banker with authenticity problems Vance walloped  his competition (32.2% of the vote to 23.9%).

And now Vance is off to a great start on day one:

What we did not mention in our introduction is that 23.3% of Republican primary voters cast their ballots for third-place finisher Matt Dolan, who ran an explicitly anti-Trump campaign. Those votes are up for grabs, and whoever gets them will win.

So… is this ad from Tim Ryan going to get them? He doesn’t mention Trump at all.

I dunno. I do think that if this is a classic Redstate R vs. D campaign, the Republicans will vote for the Rs reflexively and will win. If Ryan can somehow get those primary anti-trumpets, he’s going to win, but I think he’s going to have to chase them.

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2 Responses to Meanwhile, in Ohio

  1. quakerenelbasement says:

    Gotta disagree, ‘grain. I think Ryan’s message reflects your own assessment of Vance: “the Yalie investment banker with authenticity problems.” It’s on the money.


  2. S M McBean says:

    I live in Ohio. We saw a different ad from Tim Ryan yesterday (the day after the primary). If Ryan keeps up the message that Vance is a tool of oligarchs I’m cautiously optimistic. He needs to keep using his own words against him. And fwiw, Dolan is not expressly anti-Trump but does say Trump lost the election of 2020. I was most afraid of Mandel’s lunacy. I’m hoping that Vance’s hypocrisy and elitism will make him beatable.


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