Republicans Are The Problem

“I know nothing!” —Gym Jordan

Alert readers and good Scissorheads may recall that when the January 6 Committee was being formed, House Speaker Nancy ’Smash’ Pelosi refused to accept Gym Jordan as a participant, and it seems she was prescient:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rioters who smashed their way into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, succeeded — at least temporarily — in delaying the certification of Joe Biden’s election to the White House.

Hours before, Rep. Jim Jordan had been trying to achieve the same thing.

Texting with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, a close ally and friend, at nearly midnight on Jan. 5, Jordan offered a legal rationale for what President Donald Trump was publicly demanding — that Vice President Mike Pence, in his ceremonial role presiding over the electoral count, somehow assert the authority to reject electors from Biden-won states.

Pence “should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all,” Jordan wrote.

“I have pushed for this,” Meadows replied. “Not sure it is going to happen.”

The text exchange, in an April 22 court filing from the congressional panel investigating the Jan. 6 riot, is in a batch of startling evidence that shows the deep involvement of some House Republicans in Trump’s desperate attempt to stay in power. A review of the evidence finds new details about how, long before the attack on the Capitol unfolded, several GOP lawmakers were participating directly in Trump’s campaign to reverse the results of a free and fair election.

That was a close call, Nancy. But wait – there’s more!

Since launching its investigation last summer, the Jan. 6 panel has been slowly gaining new details about what lawmakers said and did in the weeks before the insurrection. Members have asked three GOP lawmakers — Jordan of Ohio, Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California — to testify voluntarily. All have refused. Other lawmakers could be called in the coming days…

…Gohmert told AP he also does not recall being involved and that he is not sure he could be helpful to the committee’s investigation. Rep. Jody Hice of Georgia played down his actions, saying it is routine for members of the president’s party to be going in and out of the White House to speak about a number of topics. Hice is now running for secretary of state in Georgia, a position responsible for the state’s elections.

Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona didn’t deny his public efforts to challenge the election results but called recent reports about his deep involvement untrue.

In a statement Saturday, Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona reiterated his “serious” concerns about the 2020 election. “Discussions about the Electoral Count Act were appropriate, necessary and warranted,” he added.

The GOP since at least Watergate has been the party of criminals, malcontents, and as we have noted for years, the party that HATES democracy and hates America. Does anyone doubt that any longer? These chumps —who took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC— were actively trying to overthrow the government and install Hair Füror has prznint for life.

All of these Representatives need to explain themselves to us, and if they indeed were trying to foment insurrection, they need to be removed from office into some nice federal maximum-security housing somewhere.

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6 Responses to Republicans Are The Problem

  1. roket says:

    Guess we’ll find out in November whether or not this is the beginning of the Fall of the USofA.

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  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    A functional country would end the party using RICO statutes.

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  3. ali redford says:

    “All of these Representatives need to explain themselves to us, and if they indeed were trying to foment insurrection, they need to be removed from office into some nice federal maximum-security housing somewhere.”
    Absolutely that.

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  4. Richard Portman says:

    OMG these Republicans are all totally GAY! They are so obsessed with tanning their balls and the decline of masculinity. They do like boys, and they do rape interns of any gender. They also oppress women. Are there any other examples of this in the world?


  5. gtomkins says:

    “…and if they indeed were trying to foment insurrection, they need to be removed from office into some nice federal maximum-security housing somewhere.”

    True enough. The problem is that one of the two major parties has as its defining credo right now the idea that the real insurrection took place on November 3, 2020. Unless you can exclude all Rs from the jury and from the entire line of appellate judges, you won’t get and sustain a conviction.
    Maybe Rs can be found who will follow the evidence and vote to convict if the crime is some concrete act like breaking into the Capitol, or some act of violence against a policeman, but once you get to the idea that motivated both the violent insurrection that day, and the effort by R office-holders to steal the election legally by rejecting EV tallies, etc., no one who believes that Trump Really Won is going to believe that these people were anything but patriots. Bring in the motivation, and you’re probably going to lose any Rs even on the narrower, concrete, physical crimes committed by the mob that day.

    It is true that even the arguably legal acts, such as voting against certifying an EV tally, because these office-holders knew about and encouraged the illegal acts involved in storming the Capitol that were part of the overall plan, become criminal, seditious conspiracy. My point is that insofar as the prosecution has to get into making part of its case the ideas that motivated the storming of the Capitol, and voting against an EV tally, and the VP refusing to present an EV tally, and state legislators planning to change their EV tallies, etc., etc. — all the individual acts the Rs did or planned to do — someone who believes that Trump Really Won cannot see any of these acts as criminal. These folks were patriots, all of them, to anybody who believes their party credo.

    To send these people to jail, you’re going to need to suspend habeas corpus and try these people in special tribunals, just as the US did during the Civil War. For better or for worse, most of us aren’t ready to go there, yet. I expect ever more overt acts from the Rs, so I am confident we will at some point get to a consensus on our side that we need special tribunals. I just hope we get to that point some time before the war we are already in becomes unwinnable.

    The key stumbling block to getting to that consensus on our side, and among that part of our population whose political views allow a response based on common sense and common decency, is the unrealistic idea that both sides can be brought to accept reason in these political questions. We wait on DoJ to build cases so watertight that no juror or appellate judge will be able to find any flaw, but that idea is no longer reasonable. There is no lack of solid unimpeachable evidence. What is lacking is a willingness on the other side to even look at the evidence. This country is already, politically, hopelessly divided on very basic reality-testing. Nothing that relies on reality-testing and any shared ideas will succeed. No means that relies on the ability of sense and reason to persuade open minds can any longer succeed.

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