Hey-Ho, Ohio, What’s Up?

Ohio Senate candidate and Hillbilly effigy, JD Vance, the Yale-educated hedge-funder who was hand-selected by billionaire Libertarian Peter Thiel and endorsed by Lord Damp Nut, continues to have authenticity problems:

I love watching Republicans spend a lot of Ameros to beat up other Republicans, and this seems like a haymaker to me.


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3 Responses to Hey-Ho, Ohio, What’s Up?

  1. S M McBean says:

    We live in Ohio and have been highly amused by the cannibalism of their ads. They run wall to wall on the news and even Jeopardy. I’m going to vote Repub in the primary next week. (totally legit in Ohio) The new 8th Cong. district map allows a never Trump Repub from Cincinnati to challenge the Koch sucker currently in, whom I’ve previously maligned in this space. Trouble is I can’t figure out which Senate candidate is least bad.
    Ohio Repubs are both corrupt and inept. We still don’t have state legislative district maps which pass muster with the Repub dominated Supreme Court. So we’ll have to have another primary when/if they finally get that together.

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    • Maybe for the Senate choose the most batshit to help Tim Ryan? Or are Ohio republican voters ALL bugnuts Qzombies now?

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      • S M McBean says:

        We shall see, There are a lot of Kool-Ade drinkers hereabouts. Only one Senate candidate accepts the 2020 election. His family owns the Indians, now Guardians. Trump just slammed him for the name change so I guess he gets my vote.


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