Custody Battle Between Hair Füror and Peter Thiel

JD Vance’s attempt to be a Hillbilly Elite

Ohio Senate candidate with authenticity problems and noted Yale-educated investment banker and hillbilly effigy, JD Vance is the dog with two masters. You see, besides recently being “endorsed” by Hair Füror, Vance is also owned by noted Libertarian fascist (redundant?) Peter Thiel

(Pro-tip for Thiel: keep the reciepts)

Ohio Republican J.D. Vance is cashing in on his endorsement from former President Donald Trump with a major new super PAC donation from billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel.

Thiel has donated $3.5 million to Protect Ohio Values, the super PAC backing Vance, according to a person familiar with the contribution — part of a broader tranche of money that has come in to support the Senate candidate after last week’s Trump endorsement, which shook up a crowded and competitive race for the GOP nomination.

Thiel is Vance’s biggest patron. With his new donation, the PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor has given $13.5 million to the pro-Vance super PAC, after seeding it with $10 million last year.

On the plus side, Vance’s ownership between 2 corrupt rich dudes is totally visible and unquestionable.

On the minus side, Vance is going to have to keep two sets of books to track who owns him on which day.

Custody is a bitch.

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