Every Accusation is a Confession, Part Infinity

Let’s meet Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James!

Tim James wants folks to know he doesn’t care much for LGBTQ acceptance, which the Republican candidate for governor says is putting Alabama children in the “crosshairs of hell.”

“I will show these people and what they’re doing to these little ones no mercy,” James said in a recent speech to the North Shelby County Republican Women.

Of particular interest to James, and the biggest target of his ire, is the Magic City Acceptance Academy, which he calls “vile” and “evil.”

OK, so where’s the confession, you ask?

So I looked. His high school yearbooks is online. You can look at it, too…

Each year, Baylor plays its cross-town rival, the McCallie School, and the schools celebrate the week by, shall we say, letting their hair down a bit. Uniforms become optional. Students hang banners bashing the other team around their campuses. And there are pep rallies for “Spirit Week.”

And judging from the yearbooks it was a common thing during Spirit Week for the football players to trade their jerseys and helmets for dresses and wigs and put on a show.

You know — in drag.

And on page 264 of the 1980 “Kliff Klan” (that’s the name of the Baylor yearbook) is a picture of 10 senior football players. Half in dresses and wigs. The other half in cowboy hats, boots and jeans.

And that second guy from the end — in a cowboy outfit, not a dress — sure looks a lot like Tim James. But I wasn’t 100 percent sure.

So I sent James the picture and asked him. We spoke for nearly half an hour. James repeated the same things he’s said on the campaign trail and in his ads. He wanted to talk more about school administrators in drag and the charter school commission than about what was in his high school yearbook, but I insisted we be clear who that was in the hat.

“This is ridiculous. This is a football team,” he said. “Yeah, that’s me in the cowboy hat, isn’t it?”

He might not be in drag, but the boy on his arm sure is, as are a lot of his fellow players.

Methinks the laddie doth protest too much. There’s the pictures and so. much. more at the link to the story above.  His policy positions are definitely pro-bully.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    You may find this surprising, but I attended senior’s day in drag. Had a wig, dress, makeup, and some padding in certain unmentionable locations. No one recognized me. But truth be told I was only there for my senior year, and only one or two people knew me anyway. To most everybody I was the new girl. To top it off one guy wanted to date me which I turned down using techniques employed by a number of girls over the years, but still, I had a blast…

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