Somewhere, Vlad is Smiling

“I got you, Comrade!”

Six (6!) Congressional Republicans opposed a House resolution calling for the collection and preservation of evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine. The six useful idiots, er,  Republicans are the creme-de-la-creme of unhinged MAGA devotees:

  • Andy Biggs of Arizona
  • Warren Davidson of Ohio
  • Paul Gosar of Arizona
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  • Thomas Massie of Kentucky
  • Scott Perry of Pennsylvania

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there have been a series of House votes on measures related to the attack, each of which have been approved easily, despite opposition from the contingent that Rep. Liz Cheney labeled the GOP’s “Putin wing.”

I believe we are also seeing future Cabinet Secretaries should the “f” in TFG suddenly change to “future.” Or maybe they’ll cut out the middleman and go directly to the Duma?

Anyway, I know we have Scissorheads in all these state, so let us know what’s the chance is that they will be re-elected in the 2022 pie fight this year. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!

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10 Responses to Somewhere, Vlad is Smiling

  1. The Demon Dentist from Prescott is running in the newly gerrymandered 9th instead of his current 4th, and looks to be a probable lock:,_2022

    The Biggs who would have joined with Vader instead of blowing up womp-rats back on Tattoine is facing some opposition, but I’ll wager it’s not very strong.,_2022

    Verdict: The AZ (R-for-Russia) candidates will be back on Jan 1 2023…

    We have an allegedly ‘non-partisan’ redistricting commission, but this year it was gamed by Gov Douchey and produced a map massively tilted towards Repugnicans.

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    • tengrain says:

      Thanks BDR.

      I guess those 2020 fantasies of a Purple AZ are dead and buried.



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      • Most of the fuckery occurred around the state legislative districts rather than the congressional ones. The real terribleness is around the SoS postion…we have a treason rat running for that office. The State level races will be lit this year, and we’re still not entirely sure what is going on in terms of the election process, since the Lege is still in session. The Republican primaries are going to make Arkham Asylum look like a staid country club, because we have absolute QAnon crazies running, like Kari Lake, and the state GQP is still firmly in the control of Khemtrails Kelli Ward; so if they alienate enough people… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        Also we don’t yet know who Mark Kelly is running against, might be crazy, might just be our fascist AG Vowel-less Brnovich

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  2. MDavis says:

    I saw a bit on MTG’s “reasoning” on this – if we allow Putin’s war crimes to be investigated, who will protect Americans from investigation?

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  3. Buttermilk Sky says:

    I know nothing of Warren Davidson. Is he new to the Asshole Caucus?

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    • bowtiejack1 says:

      “Davidson met his wife, Lisa, in 1991 while he was entering West Point and she was serving as a missionary setting up Backyard Bible Clubs for Ohio churches. ”

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    • S M McBean says:

      This SOB is my congresscritter. He won the special election to replace Boehner. 13 repubs were drooling over the gerrymandered district. Davidson sold himself to the Kochs. and won and will always be reelected. His complaint on 1/7/21 was he only got to vote against two states’ electors. I thought he was cagier than be this obvious, but he’s ex-Army and has a West Point education in how to stage a coup. I hope this backfires on him but Repub always gets 65-70% in OH8.

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  4. Gregg Harper says:

    Thomas Massie (the M is silent) is in a deep red district in my state (KY). I have been watching his votes on several bills lately that would have been easy to vote yes on and not take a beating. Even his other KY republican congress critters voted yes on the NATO resolution. However, he is up to his eyes in QAnon BS and is the poster boy for Cleek’s Law and could not bring himself to even vote for that resolution. I hope his vile record is enough to sink him next election but in KY I would not make a big wager on it.

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    • ali redford says:

      Exactly like my US Rep. 2 other Republicans + Rep. Davids (D) voted yes on the NATO, but not my rep., also owned by the Kochs, and also will stay as long as he likes. Rep. Davids’s district may or may not be as it was, so there are concerns she won’t go back to the House. The other 2 are just nuts, and I can’t figure out why they voted yes on NATO. They ran as Trumpers.


  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

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