Jan. 6 Committee Will Not Subpoena Pence

(H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

“We have enough lumber in the room, “ Committee Chair Bernie Thompson did not say, before dozing off and sawing some Zzzzzzz…

(CNN)January 6 select committee Chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters Monday that he believes it will not be necessary for the panel to issue a subpoena to former Vice President Mike Pence and that the committee has been able to glean enough information that his testimony may not be necessary.

“There’s no effort on the part of the committee to get him to come in,” the Mississippi Democrat told CBS. “If he wants to come, we initially thought it would be important. But … we know the people who tried to get him to change his mind, about the count and all of that. So what is it we need?”
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2 Responses to Jan. 6 Committee Will Not Subpoena Pence

  1. w3ski4me says:

    Now that is funny. The Jan. 6th commute even knows Pence is a worthless piece of wood.

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  2. CalicoJack says:

    I think we have found the title of Mike “The Highest Breasted Queen to ever Grace Naval Observatory” Pence’s political memoir: “It May Not Be Necessary.”


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