The LATimes email thingie:

Ukrainian forces braced for an intensified Russian onslaught against the eastern Donbas region as officials from Ukraine, the U.S. and other countries condemned Moscow over allegations of civilian executions.

A gruesome cleanup was underway in the northern suburbs of Kyiv, the capital, following the withdrawal of Russian troops. Ukrainian soldiers were removing bodies from streets, homes and other sites in the towns of Bucha and Irpin, which had been recently occupied by Russian forces.

Ukrainian officials accused Russia of large-scale killings of civilians, alleging that some of the victims’ bodies in Bucha had been found with their hands tied. Russia has reportedly denied the allegations.

Axios’ email thingie:

Reuters journalists who visited Bucha on Saturday said a mass grave at a church was still open, with hands and feet poking through red clay heaped on top.

Human Rights Watch released a report yesterday documenting cases of rape, looting and summary executions in Russian-occupied areas of the Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and Kyiv regions.

The pictures from over the weekend were horrific, no other word even comes close.

I am not an armchair general, I do not understand geopolitics, but I do know that we are in a moment that calls for moral clarity.  You cannot be passive about war crimes.

If America wants Ukraine to win, the White House must unambiguously say it and do whatever it takes to make winning possible. Give Ukraine the tanks, artillery, fighter aircraft and long-range air defense systems that they are asking for.

The so-called gaffe a week or so ago: Biden was right, and Putin must go.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    Yeah, it’s more than disturbing…

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  2. They have been busily “evacuating” civilians from the eastern regions to unknown locations in Russia. Their media is harping on the invasion as the ‘Purification’ of Ukraine.

    This is the same genocide he conducted in Syria, Chechnya and Georgia as well, but since those weren’t on Europe’s borders and involved lots of Muslims, the concern was much less.

    It ain’t Ukraine that needs denazification….

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  3. MDavis says:

    gregfallis has one on Bucha up as well, points out that it’s essentially planned, not impulse.

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  4. Reblogged this on Scottie's Playtime and commented:

    Hello TG. I think this is already a world war and everyone has chosen sides. So what sense does it make to half support the side we stand with? It is not going to make the countries on the other side like us any better, we are still helping stop their invasion and conquering of the country we support. Either we want to stop the war crimes and genocide, or no country meant it when we said “Never again” after World War two.

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    • tengrain says:

      I believe that’s what I said, but maybe it was not clear?



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    • Jimmy T says:

      Hey Scottie(s), I took that video from your website. Should have attributed to you. Apologies offered…

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    • whocares says:

      Well if we follow your suggestion it will indeed be “Never Again” since that would start WW3.
      The best thing that the US could have done was behave like the when the Prague Spring happened in Czechoslovakia. That is pretend it didn’t happen, without support from the west the Ukraine would have surrendered by now. Instead the US is trying to fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian to the point of deliberately placing roadblocks on the Ukrainian side of the negotiations with Russia to extend the period in which fighting happens. All that is doing is more damage to Ukrainian infrastructure, more dead Ukrainians and more Ukrainian refugees either internally or to other countries in the west.
      Worse is that Russia has been holding back, there have been nearly no artillery or bombing campaigns (see what happened to Georgia and in Chechnya) to the point that the US has been trying to false flag atrocities (first the warning of the chemical attacks by Russia that never materialized and now the civilian massacres, where at least the one in Bucha is suspect and looks more likely to be the work of the Azov Battalion, to the point that Russia has been demanding UN forensic teams to go to the massacres before the evidence is gone) since a war of aggression and generalized population center destruction aren’t bad enough as crimes it seems.

      And that all because the US refused to even look at the red line Russia had warned them about. And in 2008 showed that they meant it when they said that NATO expansion to the border of Russia is a red line. Also this administration has no excuses since Biden warned in 1997 that this would be the likely result from trying to expand NATO to the border of Russia.
      Worse is that the West has lost Russia, it is now a junior partner to China thanks to this where Putin in his early years desperately tried to tie Russia to the US and EU. This to the point that Russia under him asked for NATO membership, which contrary to the US claim that NATO is open to all, that the US then vetoed.
      Speaking of NATO membership, a major reason for his war of aggression. Did you know that Zelensky got told point blank that the Ukraine would not get membership while the US kept telling the Russians to put their no NATO membership for the Ukraine demand in the shredder. It would have cost the US nothing to for example give a written promise to keep the Ukraine out for 15 or 20 years (it is not as if the US thinks it needs to keep those promises to entities designated as enemy since at least the Clinton Administration) since they were not going to let the Ukraine in for the next 5 or 10 years anyhow and it would have given Putin a win that he could parade around thus allowing him to stop the need for escalation to prevent committing political suicide by backing down.

      To put it simpler:There are no good guys here only two sides that have zero problems destroying a country to one up the other side.

      My biggest scare is that the Republicans will successfully leverage the ‘weakness’ of not being able to stop Russia into more seats then they’d gotten in the most optimistic mid term projections and get the presidency by pointing out that Biden couldn’t even stand up to Russia (completely ignoring that the toupee guy basically had guest quarters in the Kremlin)


      • Hello Whocares. Did you get paid for that silly rant or did you do it for free? We are already in World War 3. All nations that matter have chosen sides. We are just sliding gradually into it full involvement rather than all at once. And that is how it always has happened in history.

        Look at reality as each nation has either ramped up their sanctions against Russia or increased their support, each nation is either offering more weapons and more advanced ones to Ukraine or is offering more support to Russia. The world is already in the fray. What those who want the US to stay out are really worried about is what if Russia nukes the world? That is not likely to happen at all, and if the NATO countries do not press into Russia territory itself that action is really off the table. The truth is that all countries are going to be more involved due to the Russian genocide and ethnic cleansing happening. The western world cannot allow that to go on without a response at this point. Has it happened in other places without responses, yes, but this is different. We are already involved, our populations understand and relate to the Ukrainians, and the videos of war crime level of abuse against men, women, and children is something the western people will push their governments to address.

        One last thing I want to address. I am tired of the idea that only Russia gets to issue threats and the rest of the world must just bow to them or face the consequences. Have you thought that Russia also must face consequences of any action they take? Let’s go back to the idea that if they act, we react in ways that cost them far more than they want to risk. Otherwise we have a blackmail / extortion situation where Russia can force the world into allowing anything they want to do. After other strongman dictatorships see that work where does it stop? Even the nations without a nuke but still having a nuclear power station can make the threat of letting it melt down if they don’t get what they are demanding. We have a choice here. The strong group can let the much smaller group hold them hostage to vague threats or we can make clear that such threats not only will get them their way but will be forcefully responded to if used.

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      • whocares says:

        Ah yes the always easy cop out of slandering someone as a paid shill for the other side. Might have stopped there with your reply since you basically admit that you cannot refute most of what I wrote.

        Lets take a few examples

        What those who want the US to stay out are really worried about is what if Russia nukes the world?

        Baseless assumption based on nothing. What people who want to keep the US out are worried about is that the US has openly stated that it wants to fight the Russians down to the last Ukrainian. Something that will last anywhere from 1 to 10 years to analysts and will result in the Ukraine being subjected to the same or worse peace conditions it has been presented already, the main difference the amount of death and destruction in the Ukraine. The only way to stop this is by having NATO start WW3 and yes NATO stepping in like that will get Russia to launch the nukes.

        The western world cannot allow that to go on without a response at this point.

        Actually we can as we have done so so often before. The difference between those times and now? This time the one, Russia, starting the war of aggression did so without permission from the US, worse the target country, Ukraine, is the basis on which the US has based its strategy of breaking Russia while the US has also been using the Ukraine as a wedge between Russia and Europe (one of the reasons that the US has been destroying any plans for pipelines that would avoid the Ukraine under the guise of not allowing more dependency while the absolute volumes of gas from Russia have been dropping for years, only failed with Nord Stream II since Germany still remembers when the Ukraine on the behest of the US refused to pay their gas bill and started stealing gas destined for Europe). Further if wars of aggression cannot go without a punitive response then why is the US still allowed to have an army? Again the only reason a reaction is needed is because the US demands it.

        I also strongly suggest stopping from drinking the Ukrainian cool aid. Then again you can’t since it would be admitting that our side might not be the good guys and possibly that in the bad guys VS worse guys our side might be the worse guys. Like those war crimes you allude to. Never occurred to you that the Nazis, Neo-Nazis and fascists have been committing those since they got into power in 2014? Probably never seen those videos and if you had I’m going to guess you’d automatically dismissed them as propaganda. Just like you uncritically accept anything coming out from the Ukraine as the truth. All that you need to do is ignore that the Azov Battalion has a history of murdering Ukrainian civilians if it moves their cause ahead (note anyone in the rebel areas is a Colorado and thus not a human nor an Ukrainian civilian), most prominent being the deliberate incitement (likely on orders from the US) of the security troops to start shooting on the civilians by sniping security personnel during the protests in 2014 and then to hide that by sniping a civilian for every security personnel they sniped. Almost botched the job when the president of one of the Baltics went into the morgue housing the sniper victims and then in an interview let it drop that he was amazed that there was around a 1:1 ratio of civilians:security personnel. The US managed to keep that bit of fireworks contained to the Baltics long enough for the security personnel to start shooting and thus completely overshadowing it. The Azov Battalion was at it again in Bucha (Scott Ritter from the UN WMD inspection team that cockblocked the US from starting a war of aggression with Syria had a nice analysis on why the Azov Battalion is the prime suspect) making it iffy about who committed the massacre in the other two spots. Worse this does allow the Russians to commit massacres and then claim it was the Nazis or Neo Nazis (the fascists tend to be less ultra nationalist and more money/power grabbers) who did them.

        One last thing I want to address. I am tired of the idea that only Russia gets to issue threats and the rest of the world must just bow to them or face the consequences.

        Ah yes since that perk is only for the US. This sentence also pretends that we should see what happened in a complete vacuum and ignore that the Russians did try to do this (before the ramp up of troops on the Ukrainian border) more peacefully and got threats from the US back if they’d dare to bring up those issues again together with a list of US approved negotiation items that basically read as “Go commit political suicide” and an admittance on the side of Russia that the US conquered it.
        The US is the ultimate example of “Do as we say not as we do.”

        Have you thought that Russia also must face consequences of any action they take?

        I never said they shouldn’t. I just said that the US for deliberately pushing Russia into this and committing the crime of deliberately extending the war so that the US can fight the Russians down to the last Ukrainian should also face consequences. Not going to happen since that would require a lot of people to get out of the indoctrination that the west is the good side & the US the guardian of democracy and then the courage to make the moral step of stopping to pretend our side is the good guys and that it is just two sides (US, Russia) of bad guys beating up a bystander (Ukraine) in a dick measuring contest.

        After other strongman dictatorships see that work where does it stop?

        For a slightly longer answer they have ample examples of where it stops. As long as they obey the US, for most try to be friends with the nation that put them in power, don’t do things that would make the US look bad or make the US look good when deposing them, maybe have a lobby in Washington then the US will leave them alone or even aid them in their wars of aggression while shielding them from the consequences. See at this moment the Saudis going after Yemen (for the last seven years), a war of aggression where the US is an active participant since their client state was losing from the desert version of the Taliban even before that Iran decided that supporting them would be to the benefit of Iran.

        The strong group can let the much smaller group hold them hostage to vague threats or we can make clear that such threats not only will get them their way but will be forcefully responded to if used.

        You do realize you just stated that the weaker group has no rights, do you? Since what you put up here means that if the stronger group demands something without trying an equal trade the weaker group has to give it up since anything else would be considered threats against the stronger group.
        And that ignores that the weaker group (Russia) has been trying to negotiate with the stronger group (US) only to have the stronger group tell them to do as the stronger group demands and that the weaker group could go fuck themselves with what they brought to the negotiations.

        No matter how you slice and dice it the US deliberately pushed the Ukraine in harms way again and is deliberately blocking any exit attempts just so that Russia gets punished for daring to do as the US does and not as the US says. Russia is not a unique bad country, there are worse that as client states of the US. The only difference is that Russia does not do as the US demands and keeps derailing US plans of being the hegemon of the world.

        The best for last. Biden did warn about the consequences of expanding an anti-Russia alliance to the borders of Russia. And that was 25 years ago, well before the Russians even started diplomacy to try and stop that from happening. And that is how long that this issue plays, it didn’t start out of thin air in 2021 (which you have been demanding we pretend it did), it didn’t start in 2018 when Zelensky who got elected on the promise of signing the Minsk accord got pressured into dropping the signing of said accords (He is now fully onboard with the ultra nationalists). It didn’t start in 2014 when the US decided to oust the legitimate Ukrainian government since the US would again not get control over the Ukraine (losing it in 2010 was a nasty surprise over which several people in the state department lost their job), it didn’t start in 2008 when the exact same scenario we see now play out happened in Georgia (well not exactly the same, it was preceded with the US screeching that Russia was not allowed to make treaties with the postage stamps of land that seceded from Georgia since Russia didn’t get permission from the US to do so, which by the way gives a fairly good idea of how the US sees Russia), no it all started before 1997 and Biden was warning about the stupidity of doing so.


  5. Jimmy T says:

    One more thing. Apparently Anonymous hacked into the Russian database and published the personal data of the 120,000 troops who took part in Putin’s war crimes…

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