Take This Issue and Run, Democrats

I’m not a campaign consultant, but if I was, I would make this one of THE issues of 2022:

The House passed a bill to legalize marijuana for the second consecutive Congress, signaling a continued interest by Democrats in overhauling the federal approach to a substance that is legal for medical use in 37 states.

The 220-204 vote on the bill, which would decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana, fell mostly along party lines Friday. Three Republicans voted in favor of the bill, and two Democrats voted against.

When a similar bill passed in 2020, the GOP-controlled Senate declined to take it up, but lawmakers are hopeful that growing public support and a Democratic majority in the chamber could spur action.

Legalizing weed is incredibly popular and polls well across all the tabs. Here we have an issue that the Democrats could bludgeon the Republicans with, and bring the Callous Yutes of  Today along for the ride. Republicans are always gonna run against us and they are afraid of their own base,  and FFS we should run against them. This is a winner.

This is a gimme and the Dems should take this gift and run like Hell with it. This is the positive side of the blow-back from the coke orgies on the right.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Well the difference between weed and dope is that the dope will drag you through the gutters until you’re totally besotted, while weed is merely a short vacation from reality…

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