Jeebus Would Like To Have A Word With Stephen Miller

Pee Wee Hermann Goering (image credit: Twitter)

Methinks Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi has no idea what Jeebus says about welcoming immigrants.

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4 Responses to Jeebus Would Like To Have A Word With Stephen Miller

  1. As a Kapo, he has no truck with this ‘Jeebus’ fellah, to be honest.

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  2. roket says:

    Child traffickers and private prisons feel his pain. Hey Pocket Nazi, have all of the children separated from their parents at the border been reunited with their parents or do you even care?

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  3. purplehead says:

    Pocket Nazi don’t give a $hee-i† about what Jeebus says ’cause he was raised Jewish. Oh wait, Jeebus was Jewish, too. Oh.

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  4. R White says:

    Where oh where is that intrepid worthless media reporter to shout to the world about how baby goebbels really spends his free time entertaining the corpses of young Latino boys? Otherwise, why would one worry so much about our unique immigration system?

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