Location! Location! Location!

Welcome to D.C.

The Trump Crime Family has finally unloaded their money-losing/money-laundering DC Hotel:

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump’s luxury hotel near the White House, which drew diplomats, lobbyists and plenty of controversy while he was president, received government approval Friday to hand the keys to a Miami investment fund, a last hurdle to a sale that many industry experts doubted would ever go through.

The federal government agency overseeing the building said an “extensive and exhaustive” review found no problem with Trump Organization plans to sell to a fund led by CGI Merchant Group. The Associated Press has reported that investors include former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. The $375 million price tag is far more than many expected for a hotel that lost tens of millions of dollars while Trump was president.

You may recall that Twizzler has been trying to unload Emoluments Central, er, the hotel for a few years and while $375M Ameros is a lot of money, it represents a steep discount from it’s original asking price of $500M Ameros.

The $375 million would more than make up for the $200 million Trump’s company put into renovating the historic, federally owned Old Post Office into a hotel, as well as the $70 million that a congressional oversight committee says the hotel lost during Trump’s four years in office.

Twizzler declined to comment, as he was too busy with his fidget spinner.


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2 Responses to Location! Location! Location!

  1. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Two hundred million on paper, but you know most of those subcontractors never got paid.

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  2. FELINE MAMA says:

    The bldg. has had a thorough inspection, plumbing, basements, closets, etc. & found to be clear, uh, clean of any evidence of papers, documents related to the trump-archy. Sale’s a Go!!!

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