Area Man Files Law Suit: ‘Hillary Is Trying To Destroy My Life!!1!’

The Winning Smile of The Chosen One

On a day when the entire media was focused like a laser on the big Ginni Thomas-Mark Meadows insurrection newsHair Füror screams “Squirrel!”. Weird innit?

(CNN)Former President Donald Trump filed a sprawling federal lawsuit on Thursday against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and 26 other people and entities that he claims conspired to undermine his 2016 campaign by falsely tying him to Russia

…Over 108 pages, the lawsuit rails against many of Trump’s political opponents and highlights the grievances that he has complained about for years. It claims Democrats and government officials perpetrated a grab bag of offenses, from a racketeering conspiracy to a malicious prosecution, computer fraud and theft of secret internet data. The lawsuit asks for more than $24 million in costs and damages.

As he won the 2016 Goat Rodeo, it seems like a reach to say he has standing. What was the damage he suffered? We should sue HIM for damages, but I digress.

The suit also contains some factual inaccuracies and some of the same grandiose or exaggerated false claims that Trump has made dozens of times.

The civil suit alleges that Clinton and top Democrats hired lawyers and researchers to fabricate information tying Trump to Russia, and then peddled those lies to the media and to the US government, in hopes of hobbling his chances of winning in 2016. Trump claims they were assisted by “Clinton loyalists” at the FBI, who abused their powers to investigate him out of political animus.

Here’s the filing, and yes like any dramatic teenager having a tantrum over not being allowed a tattoo, Hair Füror says that Hillary is trying to destroy his life:

In short, the Defendants, blinded by political ambition, orchestrated a malicious conspiracy to disseminate patently false and injurious information about Donald J. Trump and his campaign, all in the hopes of destroying his life, his political career and rigging the 2016 Presidential Election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

No mention of door slamming and sobbing that no one understands him.

If this thing goes forward somehow,  Discovery will be lit!

UPDATE 1: You cannot make this up –

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18 Responses to Area Man Files Law Suit: ‘Hillary Is Trying To Destroy My Life!!1!’

  1. FELINE MAMA says:

    Ah, it is 2022 & he just had a Woke about 2016 or before!?!? HAHAHAHA!!
    Hey DumbAss, go for it. Ya know what they say about the Genie in the bottle!
    Maybe things will come OUT to HELP your 2024 -3 Ring Circus. Barnum & Bailey, GOP style.

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  2. Lofgren says:

    Question: won’t there be a discovery process? Isn’t that Trump’s worst nightmare?

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  3. MDavis says:

    I would really like to know what is going on in private, here.
    Is it a ploy for actual money? Did his kids put him up to this? Did Putin put him up to this?
    What is the real goal, here? He can’t seriously think he’ll win, can he?

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  4. skinnydennis says:

    So LEGALYBRAINDEAD.COM was too busy.

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  5. jaf48 says:

    So what do you think? Do they use late-night ads on basic cable channels or bus stop benches?

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  6. Martin Pollard says:

    It’s a grift, as usual. Once he fundraises enough to top off his coffers, he’ll drop the suit with some mumbo-jumbo something something gazpacho reasons.

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  7. spotthedog says:

    Not a lawyer, but um, Statute of Limitations maybe????

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  8. beckymaenot says:

    Seriously- will we never be rid of this asshole?

    He’s like that foul stench left in your garbage can that time you overslept, and had to rush out of the house last minute to catch your flight for that 3 week vacation and you forgot to empty the kitchen garbage. That stench that as soon as you opened the door on returning home made you want to vomit and could never really get out of the garbage can- so you moved it to the garage- and then the yard- and then you just sent it off with the garbage truck- because there was no saving that kitchen can. Then you had to wash the kitchen curtains and hand towels like 18 times because the ghost of that stench had wormed its way into all the soft surfaces nearby…

    There was some thought that losing the election would send him into apoplectic stroke territory. But no- he’s still here, fucking it up for everyone. I can’t remember ever hating anyone as much as I hate TFG. (The Former Guy, That Fucking Guy- whatevs.)

    I will be happy to change the references to TLFG- the late former guy.

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  9. roket says:

    Will there be Krakens?

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  10. spotthedog says:

    Re his attorneys’ names; my brain read “Peter Tuckedin and Hannah Barbera”.

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  11. As said above, it’s a grift but, not just to take in rube’s rubles but, to also grease some of this held money into the greasiest of (small) hands (and comrades of small hands).

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  12. Professor Pupdog says:

    Why doesn’t he just hold his breath until his caretaker makes him president again?

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  13. ali redford says:

    How did all that tort reform the Republicans were busily crafting and passing ever allow this?

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  14. pagan in repose says:

    Do these lawyers really expect to be compensated for their work? It seems to be another “hey, look over there” and “I can grift the rubes for some more money” lifetime ploy by Trump.


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