Midday Palate Cleanser

There’s a reason the snacc is on a stick.

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  1. Our GSD Delilah is like that: fingers are seen as just auxiliary snacks attached to the primary snacks. She was found wandering in the mostly desert area west of the city and was severely underweight before we got her, so she’s always been really food motivated.

    They get dry food, and I have a scoop that serves both dogs for dishing out meals, I have caught her ‘helping’ me pour her share into her bowl with her nose 🙂

    Dinner time is hilarious to watch, though. They both studiously eat all their food and lick the bowls clean, then trade places and closely check each other’s bowl just in case there are some stray molecules of food left.

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    • Jimmy T says:

      Our Rosa grew up food insecure as well. She was rounded up by animal control while begging for lunch treats from the kids at an elementary school. She’s particularly fond of kids bearing chips, but even as hungry as she was she’s really gentle with children. And yes, she’s a dedicated member of the clean plate club…

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      • beckymaenot says:

        I have 2 very large great dane/akita mix, both females. Neither has ever been food insecure but they do the same clean the bowl, lick it, switch it every day, twice a day.

        One of them got into the food container when she was 5 months old (60 lbs at that time- they were growing fast and eating like crazy) and ate about 5 lbs of food. She just laid on the floor grinning for hours after. I thought she was going to get sick or something- nope. All she did was nap, and grin. They are both really tall- like counter height tall- and they are good about not counter surfing, but- there was a butter incident- i was softening 2 lbs of butter on the counter for a marathon cookie session and yep- between the two of them- they ate every bit of it. That was a gross couple of days. sigh. It’s a dogs life.


  2. spotthedog says:

    “…black eyes, like a doll’s eyes… “

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