Scarlet O’Graham Declares He’ll Never Be Hungry Again

Sir, you are no gentleman.

From the afternoon Tiger Beat on the Potomac email thingie:

— Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-S.C.), still angry, had several tense exchanges with Jackson over undocumented immigrants voting, abortion rights, child pornography and BRETT KAVANAUGH. He grew particularly heated over the child porn issue, going over his time by more than 10 minutes and refusing to yield back when Durbin told him his time expired. When he repeatedly interrupted Jackson on the issue, the room, according to WaPo’s Seung Min Kim, audibly grew angry, with one attendee saying, “Shut up!” (Sen. PATRICK LEAHY (D-Vt.) said afterward that he’d never seen anything like Graham’s questioning in nearly half a century.)

Drama Queen is dramatic.

“I think the best way to deter people from getting on a computer and viewing thousands and hundreds and over time, maybe millions” of images of children is “to put their ass in jail not supervise their computer usage,” [Senatorette Graham] said.

But you know, the Republicans said it would a respectful hearing, unlike when that crammed in the last three utterly unqualified justices over the objections of the Democrats, and after strategically UNPACKING the court from 9 to 8 for almost a year.

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11 Responses to Scarlet O’Graham Declares He’ll Never Be Hungry Again

  1. He is REALLY pissed that Biden was so grossly insubordinate and disrespectful and dared to choose a different candidate than the one Drama Queen Lindsey decreeed must be chosen.

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  2. R White says:

    At this point, everyone understands that no matter how Ms. Jackson handles herself nor how she may answer such ridiculous lines of questioning during these ridiculous confirmation meetings, morally bankrupt republicans like DC’s worst kept secret, miss lyndsey, are going to eventually vote NO no matter what. It would be refreshing for once if the candidate would point out why of all the important issues facing this country that so-called ‘leaders’ like miss lyndsey focus on and have such a lingering fascination for kiddie porn.

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  3. roket says:

    I just want to know who is paying for this performance? Either he’s gone off the deep end or someone is bankrolling his ass.

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  4. Oneofthebobs says:

    Lindsey sounds like he’s begging somebody to stop him, before he does it again.

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  5. spotthedog says:

    The only people who can fix this are the South Carolina people, is there a Brutus in Charleston? The only way this ends is for someone in South Carolina to step up to the plate and – oh, never mind.


  6. Richard Portman says:

    Hey! Can i say something? Why are they talking about 1619? Why are they kicking that old CRT ball around? Why are they so concerned about child pornography? What is this shit show? Are they perverts.? Why do they wear those clothes? Why do they quote the bible? Why do shave their heads? What are they trying to prove?
    That guy was in the White House. Ok fine. What a jerk.


  7. w3ski4me says:

    Senatorette Graham needs an industrial-strength Midol. Stat.


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