Republican Family Values, Part Infinity

Your rapist’s baby is a future Patriot, ladies!

This report from Axios totally scans:

North Carolina’s Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson “paid” for the abortion of his “unborn child in 1989,” according to his personal Facebook comments from 2012.

And that’s /scene.

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4 Responses to Republican Family Values, Part Infinity

  1. Ahh, it’ll just be touted as his ‘Road to Damascus’ moment and proclaim that it’s fueled his burning desire to control women “no one goes through that awful trauma again”

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Funny how a lot of the GQP manly men seem to personally favor the availability of abortions for their own wives/lovers such as TN GQP star Scott DeJarlais;

    ‘DesJarlais had supported two abortions by his ex-wife, one for “therapeutic reasons” and another because “things were not going well,” and had pressured a patient he’d been seeing to travel to Georgia for one.’


  3. roket says:

    Odds are TFG holds the record.

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