GOP Family Values Make The News, Again

GOP’s Policy on Women

Hey guys, do you remember the time that Hair Füror endorsed Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell had to drop out of his race when his divorce proceedings showed him to be a violent jerk and a judge awarded custody of his kids to his ex-wife because, lo!, he was a violent jerk?

We got another!

Last time Missouri ex-Governor Eric Greitens (Republican, why do you ask?) graced these pages was when we learned that 1) he had a mistress, B) he handcuffed her in his dungeon, and iii) took pictures of her to blackmail her into silence about their affaire. Anyway, Greitens is running for office again, and guess what? His wife’s divorce testimony is making the news!

In the affidavit, Sheena Greitens casts her ex-husband as someone who threatened to use his political connections and influence in order to destroy her reputation to win custody of the children.

“Prior to our divorce, during an argument in late April 2018, Eric knocked me down and confiscated my cell phone, wallet and keys so that I was unable to call for help or extricate myself and our children from our home,” Sheena Greitens wrote in the filing. “I became afraid for my safety and that of our children at our home,” later adding that his “behavior included physical violence toward our children, such as cuffing our then-3-year-old son across the face at the dinner table in front of me and yanking him around by his hair.”

AP reported anecdotes of behavior so “unstable and coercive” that steps were taken to limit his access to firearms.

Now, we are not saying that Greitens will drop out of the race —Tiger Beat reveals in that story that he secured the domain, so he kinda has an ego and plans— but we are saying he should. We are mosdefinitely saying that Possum Hollar should vote for someone else, but he’s leading in the polls, what with the endorsement of the usual suspects: Michael Flynn, Sebastian Gorka, Ryan Zinke, Rudy Giuliani, and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

GOP is the party of Family Values, amirite?

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5 Responses to GOP Family Values Make The News, Again

  1. MDavis says:

    I can hear it now.
    Constituent of that area reads about the ex-wife’s allegations and responds:
    “What did she do to deserve that?”

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  2. Beat his wife and smacked around his kids? That only improves his appeal to the mouthbreathers of Possum Hollar.

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  3. roket says:

    His behavior included physical violence toward our children should be the clincher right there. This deserves watching.

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  4. muttpupdad says:

    But has he gotten that all important rethuglikkkan endorsement from Puty-Put and the cash that comes with it?


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