The Spice Must Flow, Part Infinity

The Spice Must Flow

What is Upchuck’s game here:

Was it, Biden Shouldn’t Call Putin a War Criminal or was Upchuck saying that Biden Shouldn’t Negotiate With a War Criminal?

Also: Biden is not negotiating with Putin. What is wrong with Upchuck?

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  1. genelms says:

    Fox has Tuck. NBC has Chuck. Different methodologies but the end result is the same. Spreading doubt and misinformation.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Putin commanded his forces to bomb hospitals, shelters, and residential neighborhoods either directly or by letting his dogs of war run loose biting whomever they choose. That makes him a war criminal—end of story. Biden has no problem speaking the truth, and we should all be proud of him for doing so…

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  3. Mike B. says:

    I’d like to see an end to this war as quickly as possible, and I think that would be the result of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia (unless you think Russia is going to just pack up and leave, which I think is unlikely). You negotiate with your enemies, even if they’re terrible. I think some people who only want to talk about more arms to Ukraine, more sanctions and a no-fly zone (a really bad idea that could lead to nuclear war) are more interested in weakening Russia than the welfare of Ukrainians.

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  4. This disasterous little prick was supposed to be CNN’s answer to the loss of Tim Russert. F-that, we got hosed. Such an abysmal replacement (for anyone, let alone Tim). It’d be like asking me to fill in for the regular (funny, wise and informed) commenters here. Foot-shooting fools =CNN.

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  5. roket says:

    I suspect right-leaning Upchuck is trying to portray Biden as a Neville Chamberlain. There of course is no comparison but that doesn’t make any difference to the unwoke.

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    • Oh but we must accomodate the ‘unwoke’, in order to [checks notes] not frighten off those conservative Republicans who we need to vote with us so they [checks notes] don’t side with the conservative Repuiblicans who want to throw us into death camps.

      (yes, I am still blisteringly furious after reading that FTFNYT article that advises us to embrace authoritarian fascists to avoid fascism. Remember Free Speech Cages “Zones” at the RNC in 2004? That was those Bush-Cheney Republicans. And Upchuck wass part and parcel of normalizing this kind of shit. Normalizing TFG’s Possumburg Rallies where he told them to assault protesters. Treating it as political entertainment instead of the ‘HOLY FUCK PEOPLE!!!’ moment it really was. )

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