Who Moved Wisconsin’s Cheeseheads?

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Republicans running Wisconsin are learning why it is a mistake to indulge delusional thinking:*

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos spent more than an hour in a Capitol hearing room with a group of Republican voters pushing to overturn the 2020 election [Ed Note: Not a thing.] before traveling to Plover to meet with party leaders to find unity, but was greeted with a rally largely convened to call for his ouster.

Yup, they are calling for his head on a cheese platter (see what I did there?) because he is not de-certifying the 2020 Goat Rodeo [Ed. Note: still not a thing].

“I went through Act 10. I know what it’s like to have some people not have all the information and not understand the ramifications of, you know, where we are. That’s OK. I’m fine with it,” Vos told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after a nearly three-hour meeting with county party leaders at a conference center in a Best Western hotel in Plover.

“I feel very good about my position. Our caucus is in a good place … I feel good in my district. So I think people want us to move on,” he said, as a crowd across the street chanted “Toss Vos” and shouted “traitor.”

Wisconsin wants a cyber-ninja style audit, maybe? They should ask the terrible sand people of the terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan how that worked out for themselves.  Vos has come under fire from a growing number of Republicans who feel he didn’t do enough to investigate fictional voter fraud.

Vos said he gathered a group pushing to overturn Biden’s victory [Ed Note: Not a thing.]  to hear their case for the idea of decertifying the 2020 election, which Vos and legal scholars have maintained it is an illegal fantasy. But a growing number of Republicans in the party’s base agree it should happen, according to Langlade County GOP chairman Terry Brand.

“I would say half the comments had to do with decertification. And the balance of them, a lot of them didn’t make any sense to me,” said Brand, who supports the idea.

“I guess it was productive in the way that we identified how a lot of other county chairs feel about certain issues. It’s the first time ever a meeting like this has been called.”

And later in the article we meet a candidate for Governor who is running on the platform of [checks notes] over turning the results of the 2020 Goat Rodeo [Ed. Note: still not a thing]:

The rally featured Rep. Tim Ramthun, who is running for governor in the Republican primary largely on a platform of decertifying the 2020 election and on momentum that materialized after Vos disciplined him over false election claims.

He was kicked out of the Capitol meeting that morning by Vos, prompting Ramthun to tell reporters assembled outside the meeting that Vos could be committing a crime by not advancing legislation to decertify the 2020 vote but did not provide evidence for the claim.

After the meetings, Vos told reporters that he believed there was “widespread fraud” [Ed. Note: nope, still not a thing] in the election, in an effort to appease the conspiracy theorists calling for his resignation.

There is a cost to whipping the looney Republican base into a frenzy, as Vos is learning. Ramthun will learn it, too/also if he wins and fails to de-certify the election [Ed Note: not a thing, never will be a thing].

* Mea culpa: I forgot to include the link to the article. We regret the error.

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6 Responses to Who Moved Wisconsin’s Cheeseheads?

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I’m hoping (with very little hope) that the people of the GQP come to their senses and discover that the allegations of a stolen election are fraudulent themselves, but no, there is a category of folks who fall for the most outlandish accusations, and yes we know who they are…

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  2. laura says:

    Sixty-some odd post election law suits not one single one alleged fraud because 1) there was no fraud 2) no lawyer willing to make false allegations in the pleadings 3) all those lawsuits failed to prove fraud in the election. Fuck all a these willful idiots.

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  3. They should ask the terrible sand people of the terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan how that worked out for themselves.

    To date around $12 million in taxpayer money (including the $3 million Maricopa county has to spend to buy brand-new voting machines, because the Cyber ninjas fucked with the (brand-new) voting machines so they’re not certifiable any more.

    Dozens of bills in the Lege to keep the “urbans” from voting easily, insane bills in the lege that would let the Lege just overturn results they don’t like, and a lawsuit in front of the state supreme court alleging that ANY form of early or absentee voting is unconstitutional.

    There was one that demanded all voting be on election day, and all votes counted within 24 hours and ballots published electronically for anyone to examine.

    It looke like they’re going to greatly restrict vote by mail, eliminate no-excuse absentee voting and impose Tex-ass style ID requirements to successfully get a mail in ballot that counts.

    because mail-in voting has always been suspect [checks notes] hugely popular with the GOP’s voters until 2020. They routinely got 15-20% of their vote reliably that way since widespread at-will voting by mail was instituted in AZ.

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  4. roket says:

    They simply failed to anticipate that the well-marbled monster they created would need a continuous supply of gruel. Monsters don’t care what party gruel is made from.

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