Ohio US Senate Candidate Seems Nice

And no, we are not talking about J.D. Vance —Peter Thiel’s hand-selected, ersatz hillbilly with authenticity problems— this is Mike Gibbons, who is very much an enthusiast of widely discredited The Bell Curve:

  • Describing a class with “mostly Asians” during his graduate school years, Gibbons said, “It was astounding to me how much they studied, how they were incredibly bright, but they memorized formulas.”
  • “And when we ran into a word problem — and you know, I think this is a function of the educational track they put them on — they got lost in the weeds.”
  • He added that “they’re very good at copying” in a discussion on the Chinese education system, which his co-host claimed did not adequately teach critical thinking, per the Times.


Between the lines: Gibbons’ 2013 comments rely on an old racist trope that assumes Asians inherently excel in STEM due to their race despite the community’s diversity. It perpetuates the notion that Asians are like sheep — only able to regurgitate formulas and produce copies.

  • They also invoke the model minority myth, a term coined by a white sociologist in 1965 that falsely claims Asians achieved success despite their status as a racial minority.
  • Experts say the model minority myth adds an undue burden on Asians who feel unable to ask for help because of the stereotype, which puts them in a box. It can also lead to mental health stressors, according to NBC News.

And of course, there is a response that, uh, helps clarify what Gibbons meant:

  • Gibbons did not immediately respond to Axios’ request for comment on whether he regretted his 2013 remarks after the NYT article was published, but said in an emailed statement: “The New York Times doesn’t get to cancel me or the truth about China.”
  • “Donald Trump was right: COVID- 19 did come from China, and China’s COVID cover up cost lives around the world,” he continued, referring to the former president’s unproven claimsabout a pandemic cover-up.
  • Gibbons accused “the Chinese” of stealing intellectual property, cheating on trade deals and destroying American jobs, without elaborating further. Upon a request for clarification, he specified that he was referring to China’s government.
  • He also claimed Beijing was “cozying up” to Moscow and “threatening to invade Taiwan.” “Donald Trump was absolutely right to stand up to them and I will do the same in the Senate,” Gibbons added.

Hair Füror has not endorsed a candidate in the Ohio race yet, but I suspect Gibbons just climbed up a notch.

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5 Responses to Ohio US Senate Candidate Seems Nice

  1. roket says:

    I shall file him under projectionist.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    With a last name of Gibbons, I would only expect some serious monkey business. And yeah, that’s where he went right off…

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  3. Dave P says:

    I live in Ohio and it’s almost comical watching the leading Republican candidates to replace empty suit Rob Portman in the Senate are tripping over themselves trying to prove which one of them is the Trumpiest. I say “almost” comical because with so many wingnuts in this state, one of these goons could very well be going to Washington next January.

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