Report: The Right To Vote Isn’t A Right In Texas

The theocracy of Texas (“You will have your rapist’s baby, unless it is trans and then you will be arrested for child abuse”) accomplished another one of their goals:

Thousands of Texans who tried to vote by mail during this month’s primary elections had their ballots tossed out, many of which were rejected because of issues that voters had in trying to comply with the state’s new voting law.

A CBS News analysis of election data has found that at least 16,800 mail ballots were rejected across 14 of the 25 counties with the most registered voters. That’s about 15% of all mail ballots returned in those counties…

…County election officials have told the Texas secretary of state’s office that the “vast majority” of mail-in ballot rejections stemmed from the failure to provide proper identification information, according to Sam Taylor, assistant secretary of state for communications at the Texas secretary of state’s office.

In other words, it worked as designed:

The number of mail ballots rejected this year far exceeded the rejection rate from the last midterm election primaries. In the 2018 primaries, officials said that just 135 mail ballots were rejected of the 48,473 mail ballots cast, a rejection rate of 0.3%.

Of course, Texas already had a lot of restrictions about who can vote by mail:

Texas already has strict requirements governing which voters can cast mail ballots. In order to be eligible to cast a mail ballot, a voter must be at least 65 years or older, sick or disabled, expecting to give birth within three weeks of Election Day, out of the county during early voting and on Election Day or confined in jail but otherwise eligible to vote.

…so some of those votes are likely to have been Republicans voting for more red-meat fetus-fondling Gawd botherer candidates, but still!

At some point, Texans are going to wake up and see what has happened to their state, and if it comes from the Right (who probably got more of the rejections) that’s fine. I love Texas and Texans, I’d like to see them get out of the assorted Ayatollah’s grip, and I bet they would too.

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2 Responses to Report: The Right To Vote Isn’t A Right In Texas

  1. roket says:

    Imma gonna conjecture that more than one high-profile republican had their mail-in ballot rejected. They’re going to have to come up with a better way to target Democratic voters.

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  2. But if your child is trans, then it was born in the wrong body & isn’t that God’s F-up? So how can be the parent be guilty of child abuse if they’re just trying to fix what God screwed up to begin with?


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