(UPDATED) How A Village Wins a War

H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D

Scissorhead Skinny-D sends us this apocryphal story from Ukrainian director Marysi Nikitiuk (Searching on that name only gives hits in Russian, so maybe a real person?):

How a Ukrainian village defeated Four Russian tanks with two Ukrainian flags

4 Russian tanks enter the village in the Sumski bypass. Residents from the houses are watching with interest. The occupiers stop, the crew is getting off, from two tanks to the other two — apparently it’s over — and they’re leaving. There are 2 empty tanks in the middle of the village.

Locals leave their homes and put Ukrainian flags in the tanks, and then they go back to their homes, they observe. The first two tanks come back with fuel, see 2 tanks with Ukrainian flags and shoot amazingly. They destroy tanks, approach them and realize the tanks are theirs. The locals are laughing

The other 2 tanks are circling around the village (apparently the
crews are lost). And in the village there is a 5 ton bridge for cars. One tankis going and the bridge is falling, the tank is sinking into the river with the entire crew.

The locals are laughing. One tank to go. Rides, drives, finally
thunder in a ditch. The occupiers get off, push, push and leave the tank in the village. On their own two going back from where they came from.

In this way, 4 tanks of Russian occupiers were defeated through a village without a single shot, with the help of 2 (words: two) Ukrainian flags.


I have no idea if this story is true, but I want to believe it.

UPDATE 1: Well, maybe it is true?

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