Family Values, Texas-Style

We’re gonna lead with the conclusion of this piece: Never give a Republican the benefit of the doubt.

Amber Briggle says her long fight over gender-affirming care wasn’t a choice but her duty. Her Texas family is under investigation after state Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a legal opinion this year saying gender-affirming treatments for transgender children constitutes child abuse. Later, Gov. Greg Abbott instructed the Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate any reported instances of such treatments.

The Briggles are now the target of such an investigation.

So… how did Paxton become aware of her family and her transkid?

Briggle’s son is transgender. Back in 2016, she told Texas Standard she invited Paxton over to dinner to “put a human face” to the struggle for transgender rights that Paxton was challenging at the time via opposition to public school bathroom guidelines outlined by the Obama administration…

…Paxton accepted the Briggles’ 2016 invitation for dinner. Amber Briggle says Paxton and his wife brought a home-baked dessert and had a “lovely visit.”

“He sat at my table for 2 1/2 hours, you know, eating, like, carefully prepared food, watching us engage with our children and play musical instruments and tell jokes and do magic tricks,” Briggle said. “He knows firsthand that we are not child abusers.”

You see, she thought she could persuade him, you know, appeal to his humanity and instead she is now under investigation for child abuse and under the terms of Gov. Abbott’s order, she and her husband face prison and have their children taken away.

Last word goes to Amber Briggle:

“At the end of the day, I’m just always going to do what I know is best for my son, like any other loving parent out there. So I’m not sure it’s a decision; it’s just my duty as his mom,” Briggle said.

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    You cannot persuade some one of something their paycheck or position depends on them refusing to accept. Abbot is locked in a who can be the worst Republican contest with Florida’s DeathSantis. Both want to be president. Both need the same cult base voters. So the contest of racing to the bottom of the pit is on. Each needs the culture wars to distract from their horrid response to the pandemic and how many deaths were caused by their policies. They need to distract the voters from all the issues in the two states that are not getting addressed such as power grids failing and corporations taking all the profits with no regulations possible. The fact people cannot get healthcare. They need to distract from the poor roads and bridges failing. But they can stand firm on what they know their base cares most about, LGBTQ+ books and stories in libraries, them horrid brown people who need to be oppressed and learn to like it, and those women who think they have a right to control their sexual parts and control their own bodies, and where trans people pee. We really need to know and control where trans people pee to save the hospitals from failing when they are overwhelmed, and the state needs to ask the federal government for healthcare workers. Those Republican governors must have their priorities right?

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  2. “He sat at my table for 2 1/2 hours, you know, eating, like, carefully prepared food, watching us engage with our children and play musical instruments and tell jokes and do magic tricks,” Briggle said. “He knows firsthand that we are not child abusers.”

    This is the Way of the Sociopath.

    Charming, kind , polite and friendly…right up until they dose your drink and you wake up in their underground torture lair and simply disappear when they’re done slowly killing you for their pleasure.

    Ted Bundy’s big mistake was not getting elected to statewide office. He coulda operated right out in the open.

    These people are monsters. They get off on torturing people.

    STOP excusing this as “Oh they’re just riling up their base!” “Oh they’re just trying to disctract from their failures”

    THE CRUELTY IS THE POINT! Often it’s the ONLY point, like in this case.

    Their base knows their roads are shit and their power lines failed and that lots of people have died of Covid, and they know in their hearts that the roads are bad because we’re spending all our taxes on welfare for illegals, foreign aid and drag queen library readings, the power grid failed because AOC, that bitch, made us stop burning oil and only use wind power, and people died of COVID because the elites like Fauci spread the disease (which is also no worse than the flu) deliberately.

    Their base lives in a closed sewer of propaganda; they’re kept perpetually angry and resentful, and want ever increasing public punishment for their perceived enemies.

    Their leaders have faced a ruthless culling process for decades that ensures that the ones with no empathy, most willing to do anything for power, and a thirst for harming people get elected.

    (remember the trumper complaining that “He’s not hurting the people he’s supposed to be hurting!” Pepperidge Farm Dirty fucking hippy remembers!)

    We’re regressing back to publicly burning witches at the stake quickly, because cruelty is like narcotics…the people who get off on it need ever increasing doses.

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    • MDavis says:

      This is an argument to create The Matrix. Get them folks to VR out and function as batteries to keep the real, er, uninserted people’s power on when the ice storms hit. Also the shit storms.

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