Some Fries With Your Stupid?

This Exists

When patriot Mike rescues feminist Ricki from a post-Trump rally riot, the clash of opposites sets off sparks between them. But the gentleman giant refuses to leave the side of the spunky half-pint until he and his pickup truck deliver her home, safe and sound. Ricki attends the rally to scoop the racism of the Trump crowd in a blog post. But she’s forced to spin a false narrative when her mistaken assumptions fail to materialize. When Ricki’s lies get Mike doxxed, and his construction worksite becomes the target of anti-fascist thugs, his righteous anger forces her to reckon with the truth. Ricki wants to fix the damage and regain Mike’s trust. But that means facing the wrath of the liberal mobs. Will Ricki find the courage to leave the left for a lifetime of old-fashioned true love?

OK, first off I’m dying. Secondly, I wonder if Bubba can read? Thirdly, I wonder if it is fanfic of The Donald and Ivanka? (and Bubba is looking for pictures, hubba-hubba!).

And the reviews are in!

The long awaited sequel to Top Gun, but definitely straight this time

This book is a masterpiece and all the people saying it’s just a bunch of subtle homo-erotic imagery buried 2 inches deep are nothing more than the throbbing cabal of liberalism spraying its radical fake news all over the faces of burly maga patriots like me like a veiny firehose that’s been waiting decades for a real man to finally wrap his big burly hands around it use it to knock down the fires of love that kept his secret warm all these years.

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and this one:

No Audible Edition

Without an Audible edition this novel is doomed to fail. Frankly the target audience for this work is far more comfortable burning books than reading them.

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And this one:

Made me rethink things

As a feminist who is against fascism, violence, sexual predators, and racism, I was afraid the writer wouldn’t get me. Nope! She nailed my personality: violent thuggery, disgust of men (especially those kind, respectful gentlemanly types), and above all, the pure, unadulterated hatred for the color red.

She really heard me. Perhaps I should go rethink a few things . . . maybe fascism isn’t so bad after all, touching women’s genitalia without their permission shouldn’t be vilified, and we should all wear vulgar t-shirts!

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(Hat tip: Scissorheads D-Cap and Fran)

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9 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid?

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Of course the “in” crowd will lap it right up…

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  2. Rocky D says:

    There are no words…

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  3. roket says:

    In the real world, a MAGAt would cut the bitch.

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  4. MJG says:

    “#37 in Two-Hour Romance Short Reads”
    Short Attention Span Theater Presents!
    Went and checked her website….ooohhhhh man.

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  5. ali redford says:

    The entire review -‘The long awaited sequel to Top Gun’- is priceless! 🤣🌟🤣

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  6. MDavis says:

    It seems the reviews are better written than the book.
    I checked out a blog post about the “pile-on” from the mean liberals, which bragged that the book triggered them and talked about the shocking theft of the 2020 election (as if) and how the Democratic party will soon come to an end.
    Yep, MAGA folks are so friendly and kind hearted.
    There is a video review. I’ve never seen a video review on Amazon before. It is amazing. It is here.

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  7. Someday it’ll be read in a class … MAGA Lit 101. I suppose with trigger warnings.

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    • MDavis says:

      I assume “Liberty” is confusing online laughter and eye-rolls with “liberals being triggered”.
      Dr. Suess has more believable plots.


  8. Green Eagle says:

    If you think this is bad, you should take a peek at Ben Shapiro’s revolting fantasy of himself as a big, burly general. I don’t suggest you actually read it, but you might want to check out the multiple episodes of the podcast, “Behind the Bastards,” where they have a lot of fun reading excerpts. While there, you may want to check out their episode on the romance novel written by Saddam Hussein (yes, that Saddam Hussein,) or Muammar Khadaffi’s venture into writing science fiction.

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