Another Stunning Russian Victory For Fox News

And speaking of Fox News:

How a Former Fox News Director Landed in Jail for Pushing Putin Propaganda

…Today, this self-styled defender of moral fiber is jailed in London, awaiting extradition on charges he violated U.S. law by doing business with a Russian oligarch, Konstantin Malofeyev, sanctioned for his support of separatists in Ukraine. Specifically, [former Fox News director Jack Hanick] is accused of standing up a Fox News clone in Moscow targeted at Russia’s religious right — and then lying to the FBI about the scope of his work. “Hanick knowingly chose to help Malofeyev spread his destabilizing messages,” said Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen, announcing the indictment last week. The charges put Hanick, 71, at risk of 25 years in prison. (He has not yet entered a plea and an attorney for Hanick could not be located.)

Never a good idea to cut out the middleman. I’m sure Rupert only wanted to moisten his beak.

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