Report: North Carolina Finds Voter Fraud, Also Mark Meadows Address

Chateau Meadows, North Carolina?

Guys, the Gret Stet of North Carolina found some voter registration fraud in a trailer park (shocking, I know), and as luck would have it, the address is the same as Mark Meadows, Hair Füror’s lucky #4 Chief of Staff used to register to vote! Weird, innit?

Meadows, Donald Trump’s fourth White House chief of staff — and a key proponent of Trump’s stolen election lie — listed a mobile home address when he registered to vote in North Carolina in 2020, according to The New Yorker. (He sold his home in the state months earlier, when he gave up his congressional seat to work in the White House. He and his wife, Debbie, also have a condo in Washington’s Virginia suburbs, according to The New Yorker.)

So why would Meadows do that?

The New Yorker speculated that Meadows claimed North Carolina residency because he was contemplating a run for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Richard Burr. He finally opted against running.

Ah, so it was the ol’ Poppy Bush Texas hotel room gambit only run outta Possum Hollar, where I suppose there are no hotels?

So what is this place, you ask?

Meadows’ voter registration listed as his residence a 14-by-62-foot mobile home in Scaly Mountain, which his paperwork claimed he was to move into the following day, the magazine noted…

…Melanie Thibault, the director of Macon County’s Board of Elections, said she, too, was “kind of dumbfounded” that Meadows used the address to register to vote.

“I looked up this McConnell Road, which is in Scaly Mountain, and I found out that it was a dive trailer in the middle of nowhere, which I do not see him or his wife staying in,” Thibault said. Meadows’ voter registration card was sent to a post office box he provided, according to Thibault.

So voter fraud is real, and it’s Republicans committing it. And now we know.

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8 Responses to Report: North Carolina Finds Voter Fraud, Also Mark Meadows Address

  1. spotthedog says:

    Oh dear Gob, please tell me it’s got a confederate flag hung as a window curtain, and a rusted out Firebird up on blocks in front!

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    • tengrain says:

      It’s NOT the gubnor’s mansion, Spot.



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      • pagan in repose says:

        Thanks TG, you gave me my first laugh of the week.

        Of course I can’t keep track of the time between laughs anymore. Given the number of human inhuman actions is staggering these days. We are definitely in the area of humor and a laugh are where you can find it amongst human caused disasters and destruction everywhere.


  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    A BLM woman in Tennessee was sentenced to six years for registering to vote despite a felony conviction (the probation dept. told her it would be all right). I’m sure Meadows’s sentence will be comparable. Also, Santa Claus will visit him in prison.

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  3. roket says:

    Makes me wonder just how many out of state republicans live at that trailer.

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  4. MDavis says:

    I saw this story. The previous owner had been using it with her husband as a vacay cabin, so not really a total dive trailer. Hubby died so she had no more reason to go there. She rented it out a couple few times before a buyer came through, and Meadows’s wife was a renter one time.
    Which explains where they got this address, but since Markie didn’t ever stay there it’s still complete and total fraud.

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