And Now We Know

Guys, as widely reported the number of abortions performed in Texas (America’s Lab for Bad Policy) fell by approximately 60% in the first month after the Xristian theocrats passed their draconian anti-abortion law, but today we learn that Planned Parenthood health centers in Texas’ surrounding states had a nearly 800% increase in patients from Texas. Axios email thingie:

Details: During the first four months of S.B. 8 being in effect, Planned Parenthood clinics saw the following increases:

  • Oklahoma saw a nearly 2,500% increase in Texas patients compared to the previous year.
    • Texans made up over half of the total number abortion patients in the state’s PP health centers, compared to less than 10% in 2020.
  • New Mexico saw a 100% increase in patients with Texas zip codes.
  • In Colorado, there was a more than 1,000% increase in abortion patients from Texas, “compared to previous years,” according to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Louisiana, another Texas neighboring state, saw an approximately 347% increase in abortion patients from Texas after the ban took effect, according to official government numbers sent to Axios.

And there’s our proof that restricting safe and legal abortion does not decrease it.

This also demonstrates the incredible burden the fetus-fondling gawd-botherers placed on women who need an abortion. Women of privilege  will always be able to have an Atlanta Shopping Trip but not everyone is so lucky.

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4 Responses to And Now We Know

  1. MDavis says:

    Looks like this bill might have driven up the number of abortions. Who wants to bring a child into a world that is tightening the screws on you? Especially when it is already difficult to deal with, say, snow or power bills.

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  2. roket says:

    If you outlaw abortions only criminals will have abortions. And, sadly for some, you can pry this abortion out of my cold dead hands.

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  3. shoulda made book on that one

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