The Spice Must Flow

The Spice Must Flow

I just cannot:

Chuck Todd Wondered What Ukrainians Fighting For Their Lives Thought Of Biden’s SOTU Speech

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8 Responses to The Spice Must Flow

  1. There was an old (90’s?? Early Aughts?) commercial on TV (What was being sold, I can no longer remember, but it as one of several that featured people talking to each other as if at a party in a completely empty white room) with a fashion model talking to another person (my brain is telling me right no it was someone dressed as a cowboy) “Enough about me….what do you think of my outfit?”

    Fits Chuckles to a tee.

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  2. DK says:

    Chuck Todd is the Peggy Noonan of Chris Cillizzas.

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  3. pagan in repose says:

    Chuck Todd is an idiot, dolt, ignoramus, and a purposely ill-informed oozing pustule on the backside of the opinionator shows and the world at large.

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  4. Annie says:

    Are there no near-Tim Russerts anywhere? Our times are crying out for them.


  5. Richard Portman says:

    That Chuck Todd, he is going to be sorry. He got sucked in to this game he is playing, it rules him, he is always Chuck Todd. I would help him across the busy street , i would give him a bowl of soup.
    But that’s it. He has been telling lies for years. He should retire and go home.
    But he probably doesn’t have a home. Because it is the Chuck Todd home and nobody lives there.


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