Family Values Strikes Again!

Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy, and epicenter of American Christianity family values, folks:

DALLAS — U.S. Rep. Van Taylor of Texas said Wednesday that he was ending his reelection campaign and admitted having an affair following reports that he had been in a relationship with the widow of an American-born recruiter for the Islamic State group.


Generally an affair is not fatal in the Republican Party, where extramarital affairs are as common as Trump casino bankruptcies.

In an homage to Taylor’s lord and savior, he tried to bribe her to keep her quiet. Didn’t work, didn’t scandalize.

Tania Joya’s ex-husband ran off to join ISIS, and of course in Texas media that makes her the “ISIS Bride,” because besides slut-shaming her, why not punish her for what her ex-husband did? It’s a two-fer for the Christians (who presumably are keeping their mistresses under wraps, so to speak). So you know, Islamaphobia. Republicans never miss an opportunity to punch that ticket.

Anyway, now Taylor is retired, but his district is gerrymandered to hell-and-back so some back-bencher Republican will no doubt be elected.


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2 Responses to Family Values Strikes Again!

  1. TheOtherHank says:

    He probably could have toughed it out: bringing her to Jesus, etc, etc, if it wasn’t for the rimming texts. That’s just not what a manly Texan puts into writing.

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  2. Richard Portman says:

    Disculpa me, my Republican is very poor. Please speak more slowly. Surely they didn’t say that.
    No way is it possible that they live this way. They really are beyond belief.


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