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Building Trump’s Wall

Guys, the two cunning runts who screamed about finishing Hair Füror’s Last Monument to The Confederacy last night might be curious to learn (haha, I jest) that his wall is pretty much useless:

NACO, Arizona — Mexican smuggling gangs have sawed through new segments of border wall 3,272 times over the past three years, according to unpublished U.S. Customs and Border Protection maintenance records obtained by The Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act.

…which works out to about, oh, a DAILY fail.

The government spent $2.6 million to repair the breaches during the 2019 to 2021 fiscal years, the CBP records show. While the agency has acknowledged that smugglers are able to hack through the new barriers built by the Trump administration, the maintenance records show damage has been more widespread than previously known, pointing to the structure’s limitations as an impediment to illegal crossings.

…and that works out to, oh, a lot of money for a daily fail, about $42,000/day (my math being dubious) in repairs.

So how do the smugglers do it?

Smuggling gangs typically cut the barrier with inexpensive power tools widely available at retail hardware stores, including angle grinders and demolition saws. Once the 18-to-30-foot-tall bollards are severed near the ground, their only remaining point of attachment is at the top of the structure, leaving the steel beam dangling in the air. It easily swings open with a push, creating a gap wide enough for people and narcotics to pass through.

So like all things Trump, it is a fail, and expensive fail,

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6 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. skinnydennis says:

    “So like all things Trump, it is a fail, and expensive fail”
    That someone else paid for.

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  2. Dave G says:

    Three years is 1095 days.
    3,272 failures/1095 days = 3 failures per day
    $2,600,000/1095 days = $2,374 per day.
    $2,374 per day/3 failures per day = $791 per failure.

    Something doesn’t add up. It would cost more than $800 just to dispatch a repair crew.


    • MDavis says:

      If you assume the crew is dispatched when there are multiple repairs to do within a reasonable area – that is, a bit less then $2.4K per day might cover the work on 3 or more repairs within the day’s target area. I mean, a lot of this stupid wall is near ranching areas, where repairing a fence involves walking/driving an area and repairing all breaks, then taking up other areas on a different day. It is probably within the local knowledge base.

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  3. Well the AZ Lege has a cunning plan for this…spending $700 million AZ taxpayer dollars on Building Wall

    Gotta love these dedicated guardians of the public purse, unlike those tax-n-spendthrift Demonrats!

    They’re proud tax-cut-and-spendthrift Republicans

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  4. Redhand says:

    Ah yes, that “We’re gonna build a great, big, bee-u-t-full wall” we heard this ass braying about can be defeated with tools out of Home Depot. Is there anything he can’t eff up?

    Genius, pure genius.


  5. roket says:

    They fought the wall but the wall did not win.


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