What a dope

Stable Jenius

Hair Füror thought America was attacking Ukraine:



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  1. spotthedog says:

    Too bad she didn’t mention Ukraine’s “wall” of defenses, we could have heard “Yes, and Mexico will pay for it!”

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  2. When Ronnie Ray-gun’s brain turned to rotting cheese with Alzheimers the people around him kept him off the air and secluded when he was this bad.

    like the time Potus Pol Potbelly stuffed himself into that ridiculous waiter’s outfit in England or marched up the steps to Air Force 1 with a long trail of toilet paper stuck to his shoe…

    not one single person around him gave a shit enough to do something about it.

    I give it a month before he starts tottering out wearing two or three ties…

    and the absolutely terrifying thing is he’ll still have a more than even chance of getting re-elected…

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